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What is The Sedition Commission?
Okay, they got this thing in America called "sedition" -- it means that there's no free speech here. If you say something against the government, they can take you to jail. But yet, and still this country was founded on revolution. So now they still tellin' me that I can't say anything that's revolutionary. That's very contradictory to what this country was founded upon, you know what I'm saying?
- Ice-T on "The Arsenio Hall Show"

The Sedition Commission is a loosely organized collective of individuals working together and individually to get people to open their minds and free themselves from the shackles of government control, social norms, the lies of the media, the temptation of consumerism, and much more.
I've been proclaimed an "enemy of the state," and (sigh) I am, because the state's in the hands of the dictators who proclaim freedom as they force you to have daily urinalysis and blood tests, who proclaim liberty as they search your house and seize your property, who proclaim enlightenment as they censor and rewrite the news, who proclaim democracy as they buy the votes to secure their power with your money. So yeah, I am an enemy of the state, and so should you be.
- from the movie " Rebel Storm " (AKA "Rising Storm")

Members of The Sedition Commission span the North American continent, and there is at least one who is currently as far from there as Asia.
Part of the real secret is that "us" includes "you."
- Tim Maddog in "They Cannot Control Us!"
from An Ambient Boot to the Head

In fact, all you have to do to be part of The Sedition Commission is to think for yourself. Of course, others will always influence your thoughts and actions, but as one of the group's founders is so fond of saying, "Question everything -- especially this!"
Our "public mind" is filled with images of an America where the vending machines are always full, the wounded always recover, and the bills never come due. We seem to prefer the comfortable lie to the uncomfortable truth, and we punish those who point out reality while rewarding those who provide us with the comfort of illusion.
- Bill Moyers, "The Public Mind"

What kind of people are they?

The interests and activities of the original members of The Sedition Commission cover such diverse areas as community gardening, vegetarianism, aerial photo interpretation, broadcasting, recycling, sewing, cats, Shaolin kung fu, geology, children's education, and so much more.
There is more than one kind of freedom. In the days of anarchy, it was "freedom to." Now you're being given "freedom from."
- from the movie "The Handmaid's Tale"

What does The Sedition Commission sound like?

Music and underground literature came together to bring about the first audio recordings of The Sedition Commission. What kind of music is it? Well, sometimes we did "normal" things like plugging in guitars, keyboards, and drum machines. At other times, we used things like car keys, an empty blow gun, a loaded bong, a heater vent, and various samples gathered from CDs, audio tapes, and videocassettes to build thick textures of sound which could never be duplicated in a laboratory setting. Instead of merely using words to describe the music, you can download our mp3s and read the text right here on this website.
We got the only national anthem that mentions fucking rockets and bombs in the goddam thing!
- George Carlin

What albums has The Sedition Commission released?

The two endeavors listed on this website so far -- "In Other(s') Words... [Plagiarists and Proud!]" and "An Ambient Boot to the Head" -- were recorded on 4-track cassette and distributed via the underground 'zine network way back in the early part of the last decade of the 20th century when home CD burners were unheard of. When we got ahold of such a device, one of the first things we did was to remaster the tapes and encode the music as mp3 files. If you can read the ID3 tags within the files, you will find lyrics, artwork, credits, and any other information that can be stuffed within.
WARNING! For the duration of this tape your mind will be assailed by sonic and linguistic crowbars gently prying at the seams of your conspiratorially induced belief systems. The tool is diction, the goal contradiction. It is your duty to decide for yourselves whether to believe any of this, or to believe period.
- Pazkal Uni from the intro to "An Ambient Boot to the Head"

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