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The Highways of South Carolina I-585 
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From: I-85 Business (exit 5), US 176 Spartanburg (Spartanburg County)
To: US 29, US 176, SC 9 Spartanburg (Spartanburg County)
Total Length: 3.8 miles  
EXIT 23 I-85 Bus, US 176 WB: 0 - 0
EXIT 24 S-42-65: 1.5 - 1.5
EXIT 24 SC 9 NB: 0.4 - 1.9
EXIT 25 US 221: 0.3 - 2.2
SC 296: 1.2 - 3.4
US 29, US 176 EB, SC 9 EB: 0.4 - 3.8
Creation: Kurumi's 3di website says this appeared in 1957. However, the 1958 Official Map shows no road there at all, and US 176 was still using today's SC 56. I-85 is shown clearly as US 29 only. I don't recall the dates on the bridges over I-585 although I will try in February to check one out.
Whenever 585 came about, it was co-signed in its entirety with US 176.
Adjustments: It is unclear if 585 (Official Maps do not have a 585 shield on the at-grade part) has always been signed down to US 29, although I know for sure it has been since 1986.
Improvements: 4 lane freeway since inception. The at-grade portion is mostly 6 lanes.
Comment: I-585's exit numbering is based on US 176's mileage from the North Carolina border.
I believe I have seen at least one of the at-grade 585 shields have the word "spur" instead of "interstate" but it was still the red-white-blue sign and not a green sign.
It was odd to see in the late 80's a 585 shield on the same signpost as a "carolina" US 176 cutout and a SC 9 shield that was miniature (the style 3 styles ago, I believe).
Kurumi's website also includes discussion of extending I-585 out to the new I-85, which shouldn't be too hard. Exit 22 Falls Rd has been out there at least 20 years. SCDOT's website has a project ongoing to upgrade US 176 in the USC-Spartanburg area, perhaps a precursor to an I-585 upgrade.

Last Update: 13 December 2004

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