Currently SRF Custom Guitars is setting up their new shop in North East Florida.
We are currently performing guitar body and headstock modifications, custom finishes, custom refinishing, and custom airbrush graphics. We perform these works on guitars we buy, customize them and then offer them for sale on this website and on ebay. As of right now, we do not offer work on guitars that are mailed to us. This service will be offered in the future.

Here are the latest projects I am working on, here at SRF Custom Guitars.

This is a 1969 Fernandez 4 string bass guitar that will be outfitted with custom airbrush graphics, all new hardware, Seymour Duncan P-Bass single coil pick-ups, and will feature a custom cut pick guard.
This 4 string Ibanez Sound Gear Bass, will be outfitted with; custom airbrush graphics.
This Jackson 6 string guitar will be outfitted with a custom finish, airbrush graphics, body and headstock modifications, and EMG pick-ups.
This original 1985 Ibanez RG-550 will be outfitted with an original Ibanez 1990 24 fret rosewood wizard neck, DiMarzio pick-ups, and a custom finish.
This original 1989 Ibanez RG-560, with it's original Ibanez 24 fret rosewood wizard neck, will be outfitted with custom finish, airbrush graphics, and Seymour Duncan pick-ups.
This mid 90's B.C. Rich Warlock, will be outfitted with EMG pick ups, body modifications, Headstock modifications, and a custom finish.
This 1981 Dean V will be refinished and outfitted with new Duncan pick ups and all new electronics.