Engura is my private Audio Production studio.
This is where all the singles and albums from my band "REFLECTIVE"
are tracked, mixed, and mastered.
This studio also houses my Post Production PC for creating music videos.
While Engura is not currently open for tracking other bands,
there are many services that are provided to artists and musicians.

Among these services are: Mixing, Mastering, CD and DVD Authorizing,
Music Video creation and Post Production,
as well as graphics design (for website banners/logos, CD/DVD artwork, and more).

Engura is outfitted with many high end - quality tools (both analog and digital)
to give you the best end result.

Among these tools and utilities are:

*Tascam Model 32 Stereo 1/4" Reel to Reel

* Custom built - audio optimized - PC

* Echo Audio converters

* Modified ART MPA Gold, Mackie, and Presonus Mic Pres

* Samson Patch Bay

* Universal Audio, Alesis, DBX, FMR, Behringer, Audition, K-Classics, and DFP compressors and gates

* Universal Audio, Lexicon with advanced algorithm upgrade, TC-Helicon, Audition, Boss, Digitech, IK MultiMedia, Sansui, Korg, and K-Classics Effects

* Universal Audio, Mackie, BBE, Audition, Paris, and K-Classics EQs

* Event, Tannoy, AKG, and Hafler Monitoring/Referencing

* EV, Shure, Sennheiser, CAD, Audio Technica, ADK, Blue, and Rode Microphones

* Plextor CDrw/DVDrw Drives

* Custom built - Video Optimized - PC

* JVC HD Camera with DOF Adapter and Canon and Mamiya Sekor Lens

* Nikon

*HP Lab Photo Printer


* Pinnacle Systems

* ProDAD

* Magic Bullet

* Boris

Just to Name A few