Remeber that the "B-Sides" are just as important as the concept albums.While I have a very specific direction that I am taking with the concept albums, the "B-Sides" are the open format songs that are about reaching fans of other genres. So if a "B-Side" is straight techno, trance, dance, house, industrial, new wave, atmospherec,  etc, that is cool. It is about reaching out to get a wider fan base, and not have the limitation of the concept albums.

The Concept albums = a revival of 80's era synth pop, with industrial, prog, alt rock, techno/trance/house/dance influences, along with my take on synth pop and NIN style vocals. Contributions to arrangement, writting, sound design, and production/engineering are welcome.

"B-Sides" = complete collab for expanding on the Synth Pop genre with wider influences and styles. Writing, arrangement, lyrics/vocals, sound design, and production/engineering are welcome.
You have all been given an open invitation, and you only contribute to what you want to, and when you can. If you only contribute to one song, and then not again for a while, that is fine. Every song sell will be split with those that contributed only - to be as fair as possible.

Right now, we need a strong focus on the "B-Sides". Mike and I have "The Voyage" 2/3 the way done, but contributions to arrangement, writting, sound design, and production/engineering are welcome. Songs 11, 17, 19, and 21 are stil in the works.

My Skype ID is: SRFArtandAudio

These are the ideas that best represent where I want this project to go. They have the right blend of Techno, Industrial, and Synth Pop. Still poppy enough to be main stream, but not cheesy or rehashed modern techno/electronica. These Songs are for "Disc 1: The Voyage".

These ideas are for the "B-Sides". They are cool foundations, but do not fit the direction I want for the concept albums.