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Conceived (by Ryan Ferris) in the mid 90's (with a noise laden song titled "Silence"), REFLECTIVE was solidified as a one man project later that decade.
The first Reflective Demo ("ash") was written from 1999-2000.
From 2000-2003, Ryan wrote nearly six albums worth of material - finalizing two albums titled "ambient" and "DeadSpace". While writing ideas for new songs; Ryan collaborated with his brother Scott via Instant Messenger to created several solid industrial foundations. During this time Scott became a full member of Reflective in 2003. Once Scott and Ryan relocated to Jax, FL in late 2004, they began to rework and modernize the album "ambient". The writing sessions began in 2005 and the recording of the album began at the end of that year. Due to schedule conflicts and other restraints the recording sessions were sparse and latest till the early fall of 2006. Then during the tail of the sessions (leading into mixing) a computer crash caused the loss of the entire album. Instead of starting over, Ryan and Scott decided to let the album go, and started to gather ideas about a new album (which found its base in the album "DeadSpace"). From October 2006 - January 2007 Ryan and Scott worked on the writing of "DeadSpace" - and on July 13th, 2007 "DeadSpace" was officially released. "DeadSpace" is a collection of musical experimentation in synth, prog, rock, and industrial that showcases songs that's writings span from 2001 - 2005. While Ryan composed the majority of the songs on "DeadSpace", Scott's contribution (both musically and in production) was significant.
Now in 2008 REFLECTIVE has returned to it's roots as a one man band. Founding member (Ryan Ferris) has relocated back to his home town in South Carolina, and has begun writting new material. Ryan is planning a mid 08 release that will be acoustic base prog-rock, in similar style to Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and The Who. Keeping with the foundation of symphonic elements, and experimentation, the new album will set out to begin a new era of REFLECTIVE. Though Ryan is seeking to move away from the industrial genre, the textural ambience will still play a big role in the record.

Band Members

The Founding Member of REFLECTIVE.

Guitar (Electric and Acoustic), Bass, Drums/Percussion, Piano/Synth/Midi, Mandolin, Berimbau, and Vocals.
Composition, Arrangement, Lyrics.
Production, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering.
Art/Design,Web Design/Web Master, Video Concept and Director.



Bass, Piano/Synth/Midi, Trumpet, Dulcimer, and Vocals.
Composition, Arrangement.
Production, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering.

Though not a full-time member of REFLECTIVE (for the time being).....
Ryan aims to keep Scott involved in the composition of the music.


Though he resides out of state, Jesse has made significant contributions to Reflective over the last couple years.
He played an integral part of the production of the album "DeadSpace", as well as the production of the theatrical video for the title track.
Other contributions include a role in the design of the albums artwork and the testing of the new Reflective website.
In the near future Jesse's role will hopefully expand to performing the guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, and midi.
As well as, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, composition, and arrangement.

Matt D. :
Matt first contributed to Reflective in the mid to late 90s performing drums during experimental writing sessions. Later he introduced Ryan to the world of Midi, Loops, and Sampling - which was the beginning of incorporating electric synth pop into the bands styles. He has helped
co-produce several ideas that where on the original demo "Ash", as well as co-producing the ending "industrial" part of the song "Regret" - featured as track seven on the new album "DeadSpace".

Joel S. :
Joel contributed to the production side of the album "DeadSpace" by lending fresh ears to some of the albums rough mixes. He also contributed eyes and ears to the video for the song "DeadSpace".
He shot the video, and lead the interview for the "The story behind Reflective and DeadSpace" multipart video.
We hope he'll accept our invitation to shoot future music videos for Reflective.


Released in 2000.

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" ambient"

Released in 2002.

No Additional Information

Released in 2007.

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