The Anute is a three stringed acoustic/electric lute.
With a one piece neck thru design - the lute holds a great sustain and resonate tone,
created by it's maple (marked) fretless fret board and cedar top, bottom, and side(s) sound boards.

Here are some pics from the "now in progress" project.

The Collection of tools with which I create.

The work tables on which I create.

Plenty of room for the many gadgets I employ.

Gadgets of the 120v variety.

The rough beginnings of the "Anute". The frame, neck, and head stock are all cut from one solid piece for strength and resonance. This also allows the strings to be ran from end to end to utilize the entire lute for tonal creation.

Cedar sound boards,
and a maple marked fretless fret board (not pictured).

A look at the single piece neck and head stock.

Traditional angled head stock.

A look at the fretboard from the headstock.

A look at the fretboard from the body.

A look at the neck and fret board.

The Anute in current form.

The Anute in Current form, another angle.

The Anute in current form, from above.