I started SRF Customs (officially) in 2003. Back in the late 90’s I use to experiment in refinishing guitars. The first guitar I ever worked on was a B.C. Rich Gunslinger. It was a medium blue and had one EMG Humbucker in it. I worked the finish to have an “Electric Water” look to it. This guitar belonged to an old friend of mine, and I have no idea what ever happened to it. If you have a guitar resembling this description, remove the neck mounting plate to see if my signature is there. I’d love to find out where this guitar is.
Anyway I worked on many refinishing experiments, and soon moved on to body and headstock modifications. I probably completed about six guitars and basses before I went to college. During college, and my internship thereafter, I put this hobby to the side. Once I decided (in 2003) that I really needed to change my life, I started getting serious about my band REFLECTIVE. When working on REFLECTIVE material, I came across my old guitar designs and it got me thinking, and dreaming. I started drawing up new designs and ideas. I then quickly grab my old project guitars that where gathering dust in the garage, and went to work. I acquired two more guitars and another bass…….. And that is when I said; “Why stop here? Why not make guitars and basses to sale? and offer unique designs and finishes to other musicians. That is when I decided to make SRF Customs an official business. Later I decided not to just limit myself to guitars and basses, but also create custom finishes on paintball guns, surf boards and much more.
I can only hope that I provide a product that you find to be worth owning. And as long as I venture forward with SRF Customs, I will work to maintain the highest quality possible. I will work to continue designing unique and innovative designs.