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New Sonic Underground

New Sonic Underground

New Sonic Underground

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Manic Panic

You're probably asking yourself this question, what is New Sonic Underground? Well, my girlfriend had an idea to make a fan-made cartoon series called "New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" based off of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series. The fan-made series was a complete success as it achieved animation, music, sound effects, and voice actors. Her series started becoming more excellent and grew larger by the day. Once it reaches the top, (which ain't very far) I'm going to start my own fan-made series based off the Sonic Underground.

I'm not expecting this to be animated, just written scripts will be fine. I'm hoping, just like NAoStH, that NSU will become a group project where many fans will submit scripts to this series and hope to fill in all the slots.

I know quite a few people don't like Sonic Underground, but to those of you who do like it, I hope you all will help me into turning this into a successful project. I hope to make this a successful series like NAoStH.

This site contains an episodes section where your submitted episodes will be placed, a cast of characters section to get you familiar with the cast, and many more. Just read the rules and regulations that must be for each episode. Finally, just like NAoStH, there will be some changes between NSU and SU. Read the rules and regulations to see the changes. See ya.

New Sonic Underground

2nd Place in the SU Fansite Contest

I can't believe it! Today, March 30th, 2005, "New Sonic Underground" has actually won an award! NSU came in Second Place in the SU Fansite Contest! Thank you all.

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