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Fractal Typology of the Bible

The notion type has a significant role in theology, more precisely in hermeneutics, i.e. the part of theology dealing with interpretation of Holy Scriptures. A step more has been taken in this book. A hypothesis is made that the types represent fundamental existential characteristic. It is also shown that typology (science about types, that is about typological structures) represents one of the basic theological apparatus for understanding the Bible and its key truths. To this term (and related "antitype" = before-type) has been attached a frequently unclear "intuitive" meaning.

In this book, however, the notion of type is given a strict, exact meaning. The exactness of typology is contributed, as we shall see, by a strong analogy between mathematical notion of fractal and theological notion of type.

The basic types that will be dealt with in this book are: Duality,Trinity and Seven, although there are other topics.

Of course, I do not think that what I have written here is an amen. Even I am bothered with my incompleteness and bad style of expressing, but nevertheless I think that we ought to try to express our thoughts, that being a way of solving the problems.

My apologize for imperfect English and likely mistakes, which I found a lot, after a rereading the text. For now I don't have time to check such immense document...

Any suggestion, critique, approval…


Presentation uploaded: August 2005.



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Most of the presentation translated into English by: Alija Halilovich