Heart Floater Below Optional-instead of Horseshoe*

This set IS Purchaseware-due to large photography used.

Price for this set is $55.00 via Paypal.

will be emailed to you after Payment is made.

Please email me if you have any questions!

This set DOES require a LINK BACK!

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Animated Horseshoe used in Float & Horse Courtesy of:

HORSE ANIMATION is NOT FOR SALE-only used for illustration!!
To find western graphics and animations visit link above!


ALL images in backgrounds were my own creation.  If you are the OWNER and/or CREATOR of ANY images I find online for free downloads-NOTIFIY ME IMMEDIATLY PLEASE!   I will be glad to remove them.  AND I need to know too!


Prices for my sets do NOT include anything that is animated-
but is strictly for the sets and photos which I have purchased.
Some images -such as heart below is MY creation.