Welcome to my Pages on Ra
I thought you'd be interested in
"hearing AND seeing"-how the 'Ra" image came to 'be'.

I do what some consider "Spiritual Art'-meaning,
I take a perfectly NORMAL photograph and
'experiment with it' in PSP (VERY old version*).

Sometimes faces come out and just 'appear'?
Some from the 'past'-some I've done others
say recognize as living relatives or friends.
(Yes-I've done this for others-and hopefully
can one day add a GALLERY here of other images*)

I cannot explain this phenomena.

Neither can anyone else.

I'm not an Artist.

I do NOT use fancy 'Graphic Pads' or Special tools.

Just a mouse and PSP (*Paint Shop Pro 5*).

I added the ORIGINAL PHOTO below to let you 'see'
where "Ra" originated from-simply from one image.
all 3 different images for viewing*)

When finished-scroll below the applet to the
last image LINK for the LAST LARGE GRAPHIC!

The transformation begins here....

Please download Java(tm).

Now on to the LARGE version I promised earlier..
(just thought I'd throw in a bit of 'info' on the images*)

Click on the IMAGE below
for the FINAL PAGE-
(which by the way IS the "ORIGINAL  RA" image*)


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Permission needed for ANY type of use!

Email is welcomed with ANY questions
about the USE of this image!