The Front Porch

~July 27th, 2000~ 

A 'letter' from from a friend named Will 
(taken from an old email)... 

It is 4:00 AM on a warm Thursday morning. 

The sun,  busy shining and warming those on the other 
side of this ball of rock we call home, is but only a 
promise.  On my porch, I look down and see the leaves 
being blow about by a gentle breeze.  I am fascinated, 
watching the currents of air moving about their invisible 
paths.  I then look beyond my porch and gaze upon my 
garden, mysterious in its' darkened form. 

On my porch, I look down and see the leaves
being blown about by a gentle breeze.  I am fascinated,
watching the currents of air moving about their invisible
paths. I then look beyond my  porch and gaze upon my
garden,  mysterious in it's darkened form. 

As if by a second-thought, I break this downward 
glance and turn my eyes up the Cosmos, birthplace of 
all. I nearly gasp as I see the drama unfolding up 
where only the Divine can run it's fingers across the 
night-sky meadow. The Moon, a glorious crescent. 

The Stars, held in their apparent motionlessness, 
twinkle, ever so slightly. The Divine, wrapping the clouds 
about it's fingers, dabbles and draws them across this 
stage of natural wonder. Hmmm, a stage? 

Maybe this is what it is all about. 

We, reflecting that which the 
Divine does, scurry about our lives as if in a 
dramatic snippett of the larger scenery. 

The Divine rejoices this morning. I have taken my 
glance from the matters and concerns of this reality 
I call my life and turned it upward and inward. The 
Divine is within me and for that, I am grateful. 

I am an actor on this stage, infintesimal in my role, yet 
I am connected with all of the other actors on this 
stage of Life. I look up to the Cosmos and feel the 
warmth... warmth like a hot cocoa on a cold 
soul breathes in and is warmed. 

This is Love and I give all honor to the Divine which 
shows me this...whether it be in the hurriedness of 
daytime or in the quiet solace of a beautiful
star-lit morning..... 


~This page is dedicated to Will who passed from HIV.~

Now I know Will sits on a porch somewhere among
the stars smiling as he looks down upon me.

:::Please Read On:::

I did an entire website for Will which
contained his"Life Story" on HIV;
and how he contracted this disease.
It contained photos as well of
him and his family; as well as
message boards and info.

Will chose to remove this site-
prior to getting sicker which I
understood.   I am grateful to 
have met a stranger online one
day in a chatroom named Will.

He was and IS the first and only
HIV positive person I have ever
spoken to about AIDS.
I learned a LOT.

I am SO thankful for the day
I met him; and am blessed
for having known him.
Also I am a smarter person
about what HIV IS and is NOT!

If these pages touched you-
PLEASE pass them on to others!. 


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