***What have I seen with the Gifts of Insight?***

(True Autobiography of A Maidens Wisdom*)

As with any "Gift" that is truly Psychic there are so many different
diversified ways Readers 'see'-ex: auras, dreams/visions and more!
Seers and clairvoyants are all VERY different but if TRULY 'psychic' they share one thing...

Seeing into the future means seeing the 'good' AND 'bad'.

Some Readers use Tarot, some Astrology, or numerology to assist them to
view more into the callers' life. Some use NO 'tools'. I personally see
NOTHING wrong with either method. It's not the TOOLS or method that
counts in a reading but it SHOULD be what TRUTHS or INSIGHTS are given!
At least, that is MY opinion. You shouldn't judge any Readers' predictions
based on anything but the clarity of the reading. I never used Tarot until
recently and have been reading people for over 30 YEARS without anything!
I met and studied under several VERY gifted people in my 20s'-Lightworkers,
a Trance Medium, a Tarot Reader, and they all simply amazed me with
their knowledge-older than me-I learned SO much from each person!
I lost touch with them due to 'life'-but I will never forget the things
each one taught me-not to be 'afraid' of being 'Psychic'-it was a gift!

Tools are just that - a tool to get more insight or clarify what is going
on in a situation that someone doesn't 'see'. I pick up NAMES, DATES and
PLACES, descriptions of people and things I have no idea how or why.
This is MY "Gift". Believe me THOSE kind of insights don't come from
cards or from Astrology - but truly from what is called "Psychic".
It usually occurs when I LEAST expect it to in a reading!

Psychic abilities are different for each individual though.

It can be a difficult thing to deal with if you do not KNOW what the gift
will show you at the least expected moments in life.

Below are a few TRUE STORIES of my own personal experiences.
I hope this truly SHOWS what things Readers CAN and DO see and
sometimes with absolute clarity and sometimes dreamlike qualities
and sometimes it's not in TRYING to do readings at all .
I do dream interpretation now after studying my own dreams
and realizing the importance of my 'night visions'.

I also do PHOTO READINGS/ART-simply meaning taking a PHOTO and
working with it-resulting in what SPIRIT shows WITHIN it!
This is done with NOTHING but a simple mouse and PSP!
I never KNOW 'what or who' will appear in someones photograph!

Copyrighted & Watermarked photograph

Is it "wonderful" to be a "Seer" of the future or to have
"Psychic" abilities??  Is it something you would like to have??


Read the stories below and THEN you can decide for yourself.
My experiences changed my entire world and I'll never see
things about others or life again the same way I used to.
I DO know that I have been given a GIFT by GOD and
I hope to help others by using this gift.

( The stories below are TRUE and FACTUAL and are examples
of my own personal experiences when I was 'discovering' what
I now know what "Psychic ability" means.  It was a time of learning.
Names have not been revealed for obvious reasons in the text.

Foretold sudden closures of 2 companies one I did not work
for but a friend did.  He laughed at me when I told him.
Both companies closed at the exact month I had predicted.
My friend luckily left his job before the closure.

Foretold a supervisor of his child coming to his home
to stay after seeing so in a dream. I saw the child
running to him in a field of flowers and told his father
he would be coming to live with him for a while.
He received a call that next day from his wife asking him
to do so for for that entire summer after not seeing his
son in months. I described his son in detail-never having
seen a picture. He verified it was his son-the age-and
the description.  I also told this same man he was seeking
employment elsewhere or would be. He was in shock but
verified that indeed he WAS looking for another job.
I told him he would be offered a job soon where he'd applied.
He then screamed at me about being 'psychic' and walked out.
This same company closed the same month that I had predicted.
I heard later he got the job he had applied for months prior.

Had visions for a week of best friends child with her
eyes closed appearing to be in trouble. NEVER told her.
Prayed for her protection. One week later to the day-
I called my friend and asked was her child 'ok'? She told me
the child passed out and nearly drowned due to a sudden
illness and was rushed to the hospital the night before.
I confided then to my friend who verified at the exact
moment the child was on the way to ER. It was the precise
moment I last had a vision of the child with eyes closed.
After leaving the hospital ER she was fine and still is.

Have given names of supervisors, relatives in readings-
I asked a stranger I was reading online who a certain name was.
She and I had never spoken but in greetings. The name was hers.
She was in shock as was I. Coincidence?? I think not.

Foretold a young child in danger being watched closely
by a stranger. I kept seeing this child for months in
a vision-same situation each time. I reluctantly talked
about it to a man online who saw the SAME THING! We live
states apart and knew nothing about each other. He too is gifted.
This same man told me 3 weeks later the child I had described
not only fit the description but was a neighbors child.
She met with untimely death at the age of 10 by the stranger.
The man who who told me online was reluctant to tell me-
but I learned quickly to pay attention to such visions.
I wept. These lessons were for me. I had much to learn.

Upon talking one morning in a chatroom I dropped in-I listened
to what a lady was saying about thinking a sister had been
murdered. The case was closed and the death considered a suicide.
I had not planned to 'read' but began to do so and she listened.
I began to ask her questions and gave her a name and description
of the area in which she lives. The name was that of the man
she suspected of her sisters' murder. The case has been reopened.

What's the funniest thing that I ever did in a reading??

Well...having been laughed at by a total stranger in a bar many
years ago who overheard myself and a friend talking about
"psychic abilities" I asked him to come to me-then I took his hand.
I looked him in the eye and told him of his two children and
their exact ages. I told him one he had a young son who was a
problem and giving him much trouble in school. The bartender
backed away and left me with absolute shock but he and I both
learned one lesson - NEVER mock what you do not understand -
lest you teach them (AND yourself) the TRUTH.

Sometimes I use Tarot and Astrology in readings-but what guides me??

After reading the above YOU decide. It's what I "see" such as NAMES  that have helped me realize one thing..the most detailed things I have ever told others come to me from a higher power. You can decide what or who.   I've also nearly met my death more than once now-altogether truthfully 3 or more times!

The LAST 2 times I DID cross over to the

One time I walked away with no BROKEN BONES from a total loss collision
and nothing but bruises.  I was in shock after seeing my car afterwards.
One night working I became a victim of robbery while alone.
I was held at gunpoint , threatened and left unharmed.

 I am MORE than to be ALIVE!  I am truly BLESSED!

I know I'm here for a reason.
I KNOW there's a spirit realm few see  until after death.  But I have
felt the protection of someone or someTHING around me my entire life.

Some call them angels and YES I DO believe in Guardians!   I have felt
a  presence around me since I was a child watching over me-and
as I grew older showing me things I didn't understand at the time.
Someone whom I respect recently told me it was the "ancient ones".
I only know what I have felt and seen and sometimes heard.
The Medium I met-after having read me in a trance-told me afterwards,
"WOW I felt something soo strong in the room-it was guarding over YOU!
It was standing in a corner of the room-was VERY tall-a huge creature!"
He got so nervous he refused to go back into that room at all again.
THAT freaked ME out-as I had sensed this all my life-it was my Guardian.
I researched materials--and found out St. Michael is supposedly my
Guardian Angel assigned to me at my date of birth! Explained a lot!

I recently discovered my ancestors originated in Leistershire, England.
One person named Thom Gerard was the Founder of The Order
of Knights Hospitalers of Saint John-dating back to 1040.
I am STILL researching this-as this was a MONK during the time of
the CRUSADES; but yet is recorded as my first 'ancestor'.
I have found records now dating back to 8 generations of
my family being closely connected to the English Court.

My ancestry is a mixture of Irish and also part-Cherokee.

I feel I have been given a Gift and it's my hearts' desire to share it.
I wish to help others learn life is not always fair-
BUT it IS a GIFT and we all have a Path to follow and
a reason to be here.  But we must ALL learn what that path is.
I am thankful to be alive and thankful to share my "Gift".

I only know two things..
I am honored to take your calls -
and I am humbled by what I 'see'.

I know one thing-being ALIVE is a blessing alone-no
matter WHAT problems life may bring into our path!

Your PAST cannot be changed.

The FUTURE is still
within YOUR POWER!!


MAY 24, of 2019!!.

In February of 2018 I did cross
over to 'the other side'.

I spent months recovering
from a near death experience (2nd one*)...

  I am ALIVE today to tell
about my experiences!

I am THANKFUL to be alive
and I KNOW I am here to help YOU
DO HAPPEN and I am living PROOF!

The image above is how it felt to be lifted by angels and
knowing that yet it was NOT my time to cross into the light.


Want to know what is in store
for you NOW and the FUTURE??


No matter WHAT you're facing-you CAN empower YOUR Life!!
Call me and tell me what IS going on in YOUR life!  I can help and will!



Please seek someone who does if you have need of Professional
Council of either! Any information given in any reading is not
to replace information or council from any DOCTOR, LAWYER or THERAPIST!

****For Entertainment Purposes Only for Adults age 18+!****



~Statement of Disclaimer~

Most all images and midis used here were found over
various places offering download on Public Domains.
IF you are the artist and do NOT wish to have anything
used on this website-please write me immediately!
I am always glad to give FULL CREDITS on what I find
and if you request so; the removal of what is used here.
I appreciate all artists and wish to give CREDITS and
links to the appropriate people if at all possible.

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