Today is that special day-February 14th-
a day for celebrating Love!

But is it just meant for 'couples' or can it
be a day for you to 'find something 'new to

If you are in a relationship or marriage-make a
decision 'just fortoday'-to find something in your
loved one that you are thankful for
Try to find something GOOD in the person - if you
are at odds or holding a grudge or resentment
towards them for something they did.
Maybe it is time to let go and forgive
that wrong and start over!

Perhaps you are like millions of American males
and females today-separated or divorced and
you feel alone. Do you find yourself living in
memories of the past today?

If so-maybe it is time to admit that living in
past memories is easier than letting go of someone
who cannot return the love you deserve-and just
for 'today'-forgive them and think about
your own needs.

Life is about taking risks-and loving someone
new-means letting go, healing and allowing your
heart to open up to others who would love to share
being a part of your life and discovering that you
can love again!

Let today begin a day of healing within your heart
and mind-and celebrate it with a friend or
relatives-and announce that today is the
day you have made peace with the past-and need
their support! If you would rather spend the day
alone-treat yourself to a good meal, rent a
new comedy and later make a list of things to
'clean out' of your home that are everyday
reminders from the past with an ex.
Mark a day on your calendar on a day off-
when you can clean out closets, drawers
and box up old pictures and do a 'spring
cleaning'. It is harder holding on to someone
who cannot return your love-than to start
letting go of those old memories and feel released
from the past.

Or perhaps you are holding 'out'-waiting for the
'one you love' to be with you-but they are with
someone else today (spouse/lover*). Just for
today--think seriously about 'all' the Valentine
Days you've spent alone and ask yourself why-
is it really worth it? More importantly-ask
yourself-'What am 'I" worth'???

Being single or alone is not a sin-it only becomes
one when we allow the fear of being alone to
control our lives and start to make wrong choices
just to have someone in our life! Maybe you
haven't thought that your TIME is all you'll ever
have-are you spending it wisely or is this REALLY
worth waiting for and for how much longer
do you put YOUR life on hold!

The message I hope you have gotten from all of the above is this..

YOU are special and YOU deserve to be loved
and to give back love to those who truly do
love and need you!

Make THIS Valentines Day the one day you find
meaning in who you are-and STOP being afraid to
rediscover the meaning of 'REAL LOVE'!