:::Terms of Use:::

Please Read ALL of this Page
if you see a SET you really want
and have questions.  They will 
more than likely be answered
ON THIS PAGE!  The info may
seem 'long'-but will give you
a lot of answers about what I 'do'
and what I WON'T do as a Designer!
AND most of all-what YOU can do
with my sets-and images and why.
It contains a bit of 'history' about
how I started doing Websites too!


The sets I created for sale as Purchasewares are for:

Personal AND also for Commercial sites.

The fee is  $45.00 per set; unLESS stated otherwise.
SOME sets are higher for COMMERCIAL USE.
(*please read ALL information on the page or
email me with questions!*)

This is for all Buttons, Bars, Title Photos or Graphic, all backgrounds,
 and all floats-anything which I personally create for the set.
I do not give assistance in setup; but I CAN send you the HTML
FILES and CODES when you pay for the set you wish to use.

Sets cannot be used for individual 'pieces' or separating
parts of the set or graphics.  They are not to be added
to anyones' Graphic Collection or redistributed.

I accept payment via Paypal only. 

This is for my protection as a Designer
and also for your privacy.  Paypal is
QUICK and EASY to use-and FREE!
They also have a SECURE SERVER!
DO go sign up if you do NOT have


As you will notice SOME sets which contain a HIGH RESOLUTION 
PHOTO are stamped with a WATERMARK too.   This is to help keep 
these sets for YOUR exclusive use only; and not for freeware download.

Once payment is made via Paypal-I will send you the
non-stamped version of the originial photo for use.
I will promptly remove it from the purchaselist.

You will get instructions to download ALL IMAGES
at a NEW LINK-so you can take your time downloading.

The link will remain up for 24 hours after purchase.

These sets do require a link back to my site.
Feel free to download my Banner at the bottom of
the pages or located below.

I apologize for any inconvenience-but due to seeing
many TOP Designers remove their sites because of 
some abusing their 'Terms of Use'-I decided to be 
serious about selling sets to the public. 

I want to offer you sets that are UNIQUE and different. 
I want to do some for both young AND old;
sets that are colorful and fun to work with.
Also, I am starting to pay for the graphics-especially 
photography; so I do want to know you are SERIOUS 
about buying any webset on this site. 


Angelfire forbids it-and so do I when it comes
to thievery from those who steal bandwidth!

I am fair in all my dealings in what
I do-and that's all I ask of others
who wish to use my sets.

Do it the RIGHT way- or don't do it at all!


I thought so. 

ALL images ARE watermarked invisibly-and if
I find they have been used I WILL prosecute.

Please do not use the images I created to
use for MY web pages on this site!!!
PLEASE do NOT write me asking me to upload
have gotten their PERMISSION or PAID a 
LICENSE FEE TO THEM!    Artists' are getting
STRICTER than ever on usage of images;
and most DO require a FEE now-AND links.

Besides that-I DO CUSTOM SETS-and try to 
find  STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY where the Photographer
KNOWS the work will be going onto commercial 
sets or commercial websites.  Copyright laws
have gotten stricter-so don't be surprised
that you find most ALL Designers now doing
their 'own stuff'.   Also-I try to get a clear
understanding of what YOU want to begin with
if you want a CUSTOM SET MADE. 

PLEASE do not try to tell me what YOU want
ON the set-using anyones 'artwork'.   I won't do it.
Artists' work CAN be obtainable if you wish to
have that-yes; but you WILL have to pay a 
LICENSE FEE directly to that person for it.

Very few artists' do this now-unfortunately due
to the ABUSE of others  using their images 
without asking them to do sets or use on
a website without giving the ARTIST credits.

A lot of Artists now refuse to give permissions
to those of us who ARE honest because of this.
Most do not like their images up on COMMERCIAL
Websites-a FEW allow it still for personal sites.
But a lot want a license fee of $50-$100 PER image.

As a Web Designer, I will try to find a few who may
allow me to create FREEWARES for your personal
webpages.   But please remember to give back the
Artists a LINK and CREDITS; if a set contains 
ANY Artists' artwork that I use.

I am NOT "perfect" and I DO use PSP TUBES;
rarely on commercial though-but I DO use them. 
Mostly on all my freewares -but not always.
IF you find anything at ALL-that is YOUR work 
or taken FROM your work-PLEASE email me! 
I will gladly remove the set if requested to do so! 

Same things goes for music midis. 
I find these on Public Domains like most all do-
so write me if one is 'yours'!  I'll gladly give
credits or remove the midi if asked to do so.
IF I KNOW the name of a midi Author I will 
be more than happy to post it and any links!

Designers KNOW what you want and need; and are more 
than willing to help you get the BEST SITE possible.
Of course there are questions if it is a Custom Site-
but I try to get ALL necessary information upfront.
If there seems to be too many questions or issues
that we 'can't resolve' or  help you with-I'll be
the first to tell you that and won't waste your time.

I am just here to create the best site possible for you 
that your dollars can buy!  Designers have to work hard too-and most all take PRIDE in what they can do FOR you!

For years I have let customers choose sets from other
Designers that I RECOMMENDED to them-if they
wanted their first website done.   This is when I
was first learning HTML and java codes; and didn't
know much about Web Design and the hours it took.

I have recommended TOP DESIGNERS to my 
Clients for 5+ years now.   Even though I am
now creating my own 'stuff'-I will not stop
doing so-if I find what ANOTHER Designer
has that may be something you really LIKE!

Just remember-you must pay OTHER Designers
through THEIR sites for their websets used.
Most all have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT so it 
is VITAL you have one too to pay anyone.

Most sets people asked me to upload were
Linkwares-so I never charged them a dime-as
as I was working another fulltime job then.

So I DO upload websites only-and charge
only for the time it takes me to do so.
I have always given Full Credits and links
back to anyones' sets that Clients used;
whether it be my work or not.

Please have WEBSPACE if you want a site 
done.   You can get FREE webspace IF the 
site is NOT commercial just about anywhere.

If you are selling a SERVICE or PRODUCT
you NEED to purchase webspace; as the
site will be considered COMMERCIAL .

I personally recommend Angelfire-as you can
have your OWN DOMAIN for as little as $4.95
PER MONTH!   AND lots of storage-but you 
can always add on more later if necessary.

I do not store images on my server-due to the
amounts of bandwidth it uses for my sets.

I am appreciative of the hard work that
I can see in the Websets that others create
even MORESO; now that I too am learning.

Please download ALL graphic sets to your harddrive;
and use them on your OWN webspace or server.

I DO hope to start doing ZIPFILES for your 
convenience in the future for download.
For now-I will send the HTML CODES via email;
and ask that you please download the images.
After purchase-you'll get FULL instructions
on what to 'do next' and how.  If the set
you WILL receive a NEW one WITHOUT IT after
I have received PAYMENT from PAYPAL.


You  MAY purchase and use the background sets if you have a 
Commercial Website-and pay via PAYPAL; as LONG as the 
site is not a ''PORN SITE" or one that promotes violence,
hatred or is offensive to anyone or anything. 

If I find these sets on sites like those-I will
notify you VERY fast you broke a LEGAL

COMMERCIAL sites MUST send me the URL where
the webset has been used or displayed.  My Banner
MUST be used on the page where the set is used;
OR credits given on another page.

Please write me with your URL where any set
has been used!  I would LOVE to see YOUR pages!
I hope to start linking pages using my sets OR
the work of others I have referred someone to.

Thank you and ENJOY THE SITE!

Comments or Questions??
Write me by clicking below!


:::End of Terms:::