Little "angels"
and Life

Once again after getting my composure back the Angel I now knew as "Michael" literally picked me up enfoldiing me into his huge wings. (*and I DID find a website recently that named this ONE angel as being one of my "Chief Guardian Angels!*)

We ascended higher and higher-at a rate of speed I cannot even humanly comprehend!

I tried to look around me but it was all a blur. 

Once we stopped-I was lowered back onto what felt like silk!  I looked down and saw green grass cradling my bare feet-but the texture was amazing!!  It felt ALIVE!  I looked around and spotted a huge waterfall the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.  I glanced up at Micheal who was smiling. Without my saying a word-he spoke, "Go ahead-it IS real."  I looked back again at the crystal blue waters and let out a sigh. "There is just one problem," I moaned, "I can't SWIM!"  Michael gazed at me and in a lower voice whispered, "Awww but you CAN swim-at least HERE you can.  You can do anything you want to.  See, your physical body WOULD drown-but you're SPIRIT here-your form is TRANSFORMED into pure energy and the fears you once had on earth cannot control you here.  You have no boundaries here on what you wish to do that used to thrive on human fears and limitations!"

I stood staring at him and the words he had spoken made total sense 
even though I didn't totally understand how or why!

"Have you LOOKED at yourself my dear girl-as I don't think you have paid much attention to several things here," he continued on.  "#1 you are now SPIRIT and as such you are still recognized for who you are; BUT you are no longer in a human body which has its limitations.  You are pure energy-a being of spirit; and spirit has no boundaries. Those 'things' you once could not do-will no longer hold you back from what you WISH to accomplish and more. I thought about his words, "ok..but then WHY could I not do the 'same things and accomplish them' when I was in a human BODY?"  The reply was clear, "because YOU had human fears and YOU set boundaries on what YOU could do or not do BASED on your own FEARS.  In other words, you HAD that same capability to do more and accomplish more-but the SPIRIT within the body of human flesh can succumb to our deepest fears and doubts. You are free of the limitations of being controlled by what fears your body knew-some fears being placed within you grow stronger with time."

I thought about what was said and glanced back at the waterfall, glistening in the 
sun spilling down rivlets that soothed my very being.  I felt so at peace-so content 
and calm.  He was right!  I had always been fearful of many things during my 'life'-
afraid to try 'new things'-fears of the criticism of others had kept me a prisoner 
within my own life.  I was always MORE concerned with what others 'thought 
and said'; and even my own upbringing had nutured my fears.  I remembered 
thinking about my parents fears-of dying, of sickness and most of all of 
letting go of me as I grew up.

I remembered a scripture I had heard someone quote about 'having the faith of a child'.   My lack of my own had cost me dearly about who I 'was' or became as 
I grew older.

Suddenly I heard voices but they were laughing-and also I recognized it was a childs' laughter!!  Here?? I began to look around and listened carefully.

A little boy I guessed to be about 8 came strolling from the nearby waters.   He was holding the hand of a little girl who appeared to be only 2 or 3 years old.  He came before me and smiled "Hi, my name is Brian"   The little girl half-hid behind him, "Oh and this is my sister Stephanie-but she is a bit shy.  I heard someone elses voice-and wanted to check it out'.   I cleared my throat,  "Hi Brian and hello there Stephanie."

In the midst of the intros I heard MORE children and glanced up.   There were children
jumping into the waters nearby laughing and splashing water everywhere. I could not even begin to COUNT how many children I saw-but most ranged in ages of toddlers
to even a few babies I saw other children holding while watching their playmates.

"Well, it was nice meeting you-don't see many grownups on this side." With that said Brian strolled off to join in with the others.    I sat down and watched them all playing.
I glanced up at my "Guardian" and he was watching too.   Before I could even ask he spoke as if he knew my question, "Who ARE they??  THEY are the children that were aborted or were miscarried. Some had disease such as cancer or aids at childbirth. THEY are what we call "our Little Angels".   The parents may not even know they are here.

But we do-and we will guard them and teach them about all the joys of life they have never known existed.   One day they will reunit with their loved ones-some are too young to believe they even exist and wouldn't know them.  But they will when the timing is 'right'.  Some have met grandparents-but have not been 'introduced' to them as such.
They all have 'family here' as far as we are concerned-for here LOVE is all they been
taught and love here is eternal.   It is the only thing that matters to them."

I once again began to weep-not out of pain but out of sheer happiness that these children were carefree and loved.   I pointed to them as they swam laughing along the waters  "May I?"  I looked up at Michael who nodded.   With this unspoken answer I ran to the waters and jumped in alongside miles of water where "the Little Angels" sounds of  laughter echoed everywhere.    I laughed-amidst tears of joy realizing
I could SWIM!!!  Nearby I could have swore Michael was laughing too.

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