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 Helloew everyone !!! This section will house non-GW fictional works that I have collected over the past years .I know it’s a little bit small now, but ,then, that's how big things usually start….^_^. I hope you enjoy them!!! A small note, most of the fics here are off-site. So if you want to navigate this section, just use the back button to go back to the main page ( I'm referring to this PAGE, not the other one).

Star Trek : Deep Space Nine Power Rangers Godzilla The Series


Darrel Beach

     Daniel When news of an old friend's passing reaches Miles O'Brien, he does the only fitting thing to do to deal with it -- by drowning his sorrows. Lucky for him someone comes along to help him out.

     Shades Of Gray And Blue When a newly-cured Sarina leaves DS9, it seems everyone wants to help Julian put his life back in order. An unlikely source, however, provides new questions as well as solutions. An addition to the episode "Chrysalis."

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Gabrielle Lawson

     If It's Not One Thing Set before the second season finale: The arrival of the USS Ranger brings many things to DS9. Visitors, old acquaintances and a resurgence of a Bajoran separtist movement. Add to that the Gidari, a serial killing spree, and an upsetting memory for Bashir, and the station has its hands full.

     The Doctor Sequel to Valerie Shearer's The Exile. Starfleet has offered Doctor Bashir a pardon. But will he take it?

     The Healer Sequel to the fourth season episode "The Quickening." One year after their last--and first--meeting, Trevean is dying and he invites Julian Bashir to the ceremony.

     Oswiecim Set in the sixth season: A mysterious Klingon ship--with Cardassian Registry--races past the station on its way toward Earth. The Defiant follows in pursuit. But the ship veers off course at the last minute and heads twoard the sun. Around the sun. The Defiant must follow to protect the timeline. But there's a changeling aboard, and she has vengeance on her mind. The time: 1943. The place: Auschwitz.

     Pain Of Memory Set in the seventh season: Doctor Bashir suffers from a strange recurring dream and then gradually begins to lose his mind. Captain Sisko must decide whether to obey orders or to help Bashir.

     First Consideration After a runabout crash, Doctor Bashir must try to keep the survivors alive.

     Faith Part I: Hope Doctor Bashir, marooned for over six months, is discovered by the Enteriprise. Starfleet counted him dead. Section 31 made sure of that. Can he get his life back? (1st story of a trilogy.

     Faith Part 2: Forgiven Doctor Bashir, after having been marooned for over six months, returns to Deep Space Nine, hoping to reclaim the life he had.

    A Clever Plan  Section 31 has a mission for Doctor Bashir. Set after What You Leave Behind.

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     Dog Tags Bashir struggles to save a patient's life--and his own--after a crash-landing in enemy territory.

     When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears While on assignment at a refugee station, Sisko and Bashir clash over orders, morality, and their own lost dreams.

     Deal With The Devil Section 31 approaches Bashir for his information on the Jem'Hadar, and make him an offer he can't refuse: Dax.

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     Mission Beyond Doctor Bashir goes on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant.

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     Prophecy Of The resh Bashir and Kira got marooned in an unknown planet. In another dimesional shift.

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  The Sun Goes Down Series A strange artist spells trouble for Billy and the others. Status : Complete.

Questing Wolf
Wolf In Darkness
Spirit Warrior
Severed Threads
The Laws of Wonder
Lengthening Of Shadows
Sunstars and Shadows
Down The Sunless Sea
Lessons In Harmony
What A Miracle
Night's Swift Dragons
Spirit's Knife
Beyond the Dark Edge Of Night
The Sun Goes Down : The End Game  ( I broke this into two parts because its a looooonnnnnggg part )

  Once A Ranger  Can Billy's new invention save himself and his team from certain doom?

  The Catalyst  The Gold Powers affected everyone who came in touch with them.

  The Wolves Within  There were hidden reasons for Billy's leaving



     Site Omega  SG-1 in the wake of "Monster Wars"... H.E.A.T. leaves a trail, if you know where to look. Comes before "Innocent Bystander".

     Innocent Bystander  Dr. Daniel Jackson wanders off the beaten path - and into one of H.E.A.T.'s "typical days".

     Building Bridges  A meeting between two spies.

     Urban Legends  Alligators in the sewers? They should be so lucky.... Crossover with Gargoyles

     Night Of The Tentacle It's a bad night for everyone... especially the Weird Sisters.... Second in the "Urban Legend" series.

     Bloodlines Good intentions can have deadly results... Tag for "Night of the Tentacle"

     Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong  Winter has a plan. Demona has a plan. Together they just might take over the world... Third in the "Urban Legends" series

     By Its Cover  Elsie's POV, in a bit of "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong" we didn't see.

     Picking Up The Pieces  Missing scene to "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong"; happens just before the H.E.A.T. team gets back to Staten Island.

     Out To Launch  Janet Fraiser discovers just about anything can turn up on a Florida vacation....

     Justiable  Staten Island; sanctuary after a cop's worst day. An "Urban Legend".

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