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The National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People

Why all the controversy over the Confederate flag?

The Confederate flag did not and does not represent slavery the Confederate flag was a flag representing the southern states just like the Union flag represented the Northern States at that time. If the Confederate flag is a racist flag then so is every flag in the world because the African flag represents Africans, the Japanese flag represents Japanese, and the Mexican flag represents Mexicans and so on. None of these flags represent the Caucasian race so are they racist? No they're not, they represent all the different nations. Just like the Confederate flag represented the Southern states and the Union flag represented the Northern states so for all you "ASSHOLES" that are trying to relinquish me from my heritage and the History of this country and as you say a great part of your History as well, If you don't fucking like it then go the "FUCK " back to where you and your ancestors come from. As for this shit of wanting the United States to pay monetary retribution for what my ancestors did to your ancestors why should my tax dollars go to pay you for something that didn't happen to you. I tell you what, You find a living person that was a slave during those times, and I'll be more than happy to pay them monetary retribution for what my ancestors did to them. I'm not a racist but I'm getting damn tired of hearing all the whining about the past get over it and get a life. I don't see unemployed Caucasian people driving new Cadillac Escalades with $2000 stereo's $2500 rims and tires so it looks to me like your already receiving your monetary retribution.



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