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Rev. Coleman Carlisle
August 15, 1770 - November 18, 1824

Laurens, South Carolina

Coleman Carlisle was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina in 1770 to Robert and Sarah (Coleman) Carlisle.  Robert and Sarah were married January 5, 1763 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.
Robert's 1786 Will lists his wife Sarah and four daughters, Susanah, Mary Anne, Sarah and Rhoda.  It also lists three sons, Simon, Edwin and Coleman. The Will is registered in the Edgecombe County Court House.
Coleman married three times.  On Christmas Eve in 1792, when he was twenty-two years age, he married Hannah Thompson Glenn. She was of the family of South Carolina Governor James Glenn.  Coleman and Hannah were married eighteen years and she bore him eight children.  Hannah was born March 14, 1771 and died October 24, 1811.
Children of Coleman and Hannah Carlisle:
Martha Bowles Carlisle    b. Sept. 22, 1794, d. Aug.23, 1821,  m. Oct. 9, 1819 Ephraim Tinder
Lucy Glenn Carlisle      b. Sept. 14, 1796, d. Nov. 30, 1815,    m. May 26, 1815  William  Watersby  Warwick
Elizabeth Bowles Carlisle    b. Apr. 23, 1799,  d. ??   m. Dec. 19, 1819  John Abel
James Glenn Carlisle      b. Sept. 20, 1801,  d. Oct. 9, 1883,   m. Sept. 9, 1824  Nancy H. Selby
Thomas Anderson Carlisle    b. Aug. 27, 1803,   d. Dec. 7, 1881,  m. Jan. 10, 1830  Kittie P.F. Teagle
Gideon Newton Carlisle   b. Apr. 26, 1806  d. ??
Sarah Hill Carlisle   b. Jun. 17, 1808,  d. ??  m. Dec. 26, 1826  Rev. James Abell
John Dougherty Carlisle  b. Aug. 9, 1810   d. June 30, 1812
On May 4, 1813 Coleman married Joanna Lewis Brown.  Joanna was born May 4, 1786.
The children of Coleman and Joanna:
Eliza Lewis Carlisle   b. Feb. 9, 1814   d.  ??
Peter Coleman Brown Carlisle  b. Feb. 4, 1816   d. Apr. 20, 1817  of  the hives
Joanna Lucinda Carlisle   b. Feb. 13, 1818   d.  ??
William Henry Carlisle   b.  Dec. 30, 1819   d. ??
On May 30, 1822  Coleman married Sarah Leake.  They had no children together.  Coleman died two years later in 1824, at the age of 54.  Coleman is buried in the Salam Graveyard in Laurens County, SC.  There are several papers dealing with the settlement of his estate.  One is a listing for debts paid.  John Gable was paid $5.00 for making the coffin.  Burial expenses were listed as $5.25.

Sarah Leake Carlisle, was born 8 March, 1883 in Caswell Co N.C. In the late 1830's or early 1840's she migrated to what is now Bartow Co Ga. She died in 1859 and is buried in the Oak HIll Cem Bartow Co. with her brother and other members of that family.

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