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.... the brain is not a vessel to be filled,
It is something to be


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About Burning Brain Society



Burning Brain Society is a voluntary Civil Society Organization (CSO) not supported by any aid, grant or donation. We generate our own funds to work for the cause we feel about. Working for young people and the issues which directly affect their future. We speak our mind freely and fearlessly and do what is right. We believe in calling a spade, a spade and digging the right spot.

We shall be happy to share with you our dreams and philosophy. You are invited to join us.

What's New?

January 17, 2006

Research study by Burning Brain Society and supported by WHO on "Tobacco in Movies and Impact on Youth" has now been released. Read the complete research study and download the projection quality 7 minute Movie with clips of Hindi movies violating the law. Click here.

January 7, 2006

37 creative youngsters were motivated and awarded by the Flying Sikh, Padma Shri Milkha Singh at the annual awards ceremony of Burning Brain Society. Read Details.

Tobacco use results in IMPOTENCE & not bravery

December 6, 2005

West Bengal government recognizes the surrogate tobacco promotion in the name of bravery and withdraws support and patronage to tobacco companies bravery award ceremony. Read more.


October 19, 2005

The tobacco company Godfrey Phillips continues its brand name/trade name promotion under the guise of bravery awards under the name of the company "Godfrey Phillips." This too also inconsistent with the spirit of the law, Constitution of India and FCTC. We continue our fight against the tobacco company. Read  how senior officials react.

October 7, 2005

Burning Brain on the spot painting competition saw participation of 1700 students from 51 different schools. The results are out. Check out the winners.

September 17, 2005

Burning Brain Society (BBS) released a set of greeting cards for tobacco users. The cards are called “We care for you” cards and are intended to be used by near and dear ones of tobacco users requesting them to quit tobacco.

September 2005

You can volunteer in a project to understand the role of movies in promoting tobacco. Watch as many movies as possible (Released in 2004 & 2005) and provide us with up to date information on the movie and how it depicts tobacco.


July 31, 2005

A workshop on Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) was conducted at the National Convention of CCC. Read the report by Burning Brain on the discussions.

July 22, 2005

A victory; but still a long way to go. The tobacco company declares in the court that it shall be dropping the name "Red & White" from their sponsored bravery award. Chandigarh Administration also files an affidavit declaring the officers notified under the anti tobacco act.

In January 2006

Watch a 32 minutes movie to know how Hindi movie have turned from a thing of entertainment to a commercial source of pushing chemical addiction.
Click at

Some other relatively recent activities:


July 4, 2005: Hemant Goswami writes an open letter to Shekhar Gupta, the Editor-in-Chief of Indian Express on the tobacco issue. The letter is a result of a campaign by the media to belittle the move of banning tobacco in the mass media.


June 2005: Burning Brain Society releases the book "The Tobacco Menace." The book is available in E-Book format too and is free for download. Grab your copy now. Download [PDF file: 379 Kb]


June 16, 2005: The amendment to "Tobacco Rules" which spells the end of tobacco glorification: Cigarette and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Rules, 2005. Read the complete rules


June 11, 2005: As a part of Burning Brain's "World No Tobacco Day" initiatives BBS sends another 40 memorandums to all State Chief's to regulate tobacco by licensing all vendors. All letters available online.


June 7, 2005: An article in support of the recent move by Dr. Ambumani Ramadoss; the health Minister for Union of India. Saving a million lives with one stroke. Read


June 1, 2005: Union Ministry for Health resolves to block all tobacco scenes from the movies. A commitment to stop the surrogate promotion of tobacco products is also there in the form of rules drafted under COTPA. How BBS communications over the last year made the difference? This is certainly mother of all victories. Read the newsletter of June 2005.


May 30, 2005: Burning brain Society receives a commitment from the Censor Board to delete all smoking related scenes from the movies. It commits to block all forms of tobacco brand promotions in response to our recent communication. Read the letter by CFCB.


May 28, 2005: Workshop for Health Workers and Change Managers regarding their role in bringing a social change vis-a-vis the tobacco menace concludes. Read the report.


April 26, 2005: Burning Brain Society writes to Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, the Minister of Health; Mr. Jaipal Reddy, Minister of Information & Broadcasting and Ms. Sharmila Tagore, Chief of the Censor Board of India to stop promotion of tobacco products in the Broadcast media and movies. Read the communication.


April 5, 2005: Burning Brain Society conducted another seminar for youngsters on the "Menace of Tobacco." Read report


March 30, 2005: The Burning Brain Society made yet another difference in its fight against tobacco. Vivek Oberoi returned the tobacco named "Red and White prize" to Godfrey Phillips India Limited.


March 23, 2005: Vivek Oberoi, the film actor was given the no-tobacco day award by WHO in recognition of his stand against tobacco. What an irony, on 21st of March 2005 the same man, Vivek Oberoi, accepted an award in the name of a cigarette brand, "Red & White" from a tobacco company promoting the trade mark/name of their cigarette brand. Read the details.


February 2005: Burning Brain files a Public Interest Petition for taking action against the tobacco companies engaged in surrogate form of publicity of their tobacco products targeted at youngsters. Read the petition as filed by Burning Brain Society.


February 2005: Result of online poll by Burning Brain Society, now published. View the poll results.


January, 2005: ITC Ltd. asked to withdraw stocks worth 700 million: courtesy Burning Brain Society. Read



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