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Gary Hembree Wins March 20 Tournament...
Gary Hembree found the fish on Sunday March 20 to win his first tournament of the year. Gary landed 5 lunkers that tipped the scale at 16.14 pounds. His largest bass weighed 6.08 pounds and also earned him big fish honors for the month. Second Place went to Russell Morris who also landed 5 bass weighing 10.04 pounds. Third Place was taken by Dave Hansen with 2 bass that weighed 7.11 lbs.

A total of 31 bass weighing 73.02 pounds were caught in this tournament. 19 members fished the tournament. The only guest was Benny Vanclue, who caught 1 bass that weighed 1.07 lbs.

At blastoff, the water temperature on Lake Moultrie was 49 degrees. By 2 p.m. the temperature hovered around 57 degrees. Temperatures on the Cooper River were comparable. Anglers reported that the bass are still in the pre-spawn stage. A couple of fish were spotted in shallow water and none were reported as being on the bed.


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Updated: 3/31/05