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Group Review of






Natalie:  “The Greatest Show on Earth” is no longer the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  Now with the new sensation “Bomb-itty of Errors” there’s a new cool and fly play.  teenagers say that the show is hard to forget.  You can meet the guys who are from NYU.  When you leave you will have a special desire to come back.” 




Fatou:  “I went to the “Bomb-itty of Errors”.  It was cool because the lights gave the show life.  Everytime they went on the audience sparked up.  When the lights went on the theatre came to life.  They also had colorful lights.  This made the play more interesting.”




Vanessa:  “I think the “Bomb-itty of Errors” is great.  The dance movements were good because they moved to the sound and the beat.  The moves were very, very artistic.




Fernando:  “I thought the music was great.  There was singing and dancing, duets and solos.  It also had the quartet and trios that  were very good.  The rhymes were great and the beats were nice.




Cindy M:  “On Wednesday 10, my class and I went to see a play called the “Bomb-itty of Errors”.  I thought it was hilarious.  I really enjoyed it. This play was very different from others that we saw and this was my favorite.  I recommend this play for all teenagers.  The scenery of “Bomb-itty of Errors” was a small stage and they used the same scenery for the entire play.  It made the stage very lively and it went really well with the play.”



Min:  “The scenery was a small stage.  There were three boards in the back.  Those were actually doors that lead to the backstage.  There was a big round sewer cover in the middle of the floor of the stage.  It also lead to the back.  There was a DJ on the left upper corner of the stage.




Justin:  “They were dressed alike most of the time.  However, four people get dressed up as each other so they interchanged parts.”




Kristine:  “The acting was very funny.  They did a very good job.  It was played by four males.  They played both male and female parts.  They jumped from character to character.  They played from two to three characters each.  There were different roles such as a Jewish man, a white policeman, a Jamaican doctor, a prostitute, and two ugly twin sisters and two male twins.