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Character Studies

Yasmin Clark

                                    "All About Mary Johnny Rafferty"

She's the grandmother of Thomas and Mairtin.  She goes over to Mick Dowd's (the gravedigger) house to get as many drinks as possible.  She suspects, like most of the town's people, that Mick may have killed his wife.  She gossips and takes more bingo cards than she's supposed to.  She basically takes whatever free things she can get.  She acts as if she is a good, moral person, and later does hypocritical things.

Frankie Fabian

                                    "Mairtin Hanlon"

Mairtin is the teenager of the play.  He is also one of the funniest characters in the play.  He looks like a regular teenager but without a life.  In the play he hangs out with an old lady, an old grave digger, and his brother who thinks he is a T. V. detective.  Mairtin Hanlon curses throughout the whole play because he is always being bullied by everybody.

Elenne Mitsigiorge

                                    "Thomas Hanlon"

Thomas Hanlon was a tall man.  Who was always wearing his policeman's uniform.  He had long hair to the neck, and dark brown eyes.  The character's personality is weird.  He likes to be practically in everything.  He also wants to get promoted.

Thomas Hanlon's part started in the cemetery when the character of Mick Dowd, the gravedigger is about to dig up the body of his dead wife.  However, Mick Dowd does not find any of the bones because Thomas Hanlon has moved them.  Thomas wants to frame Mick for the murder of his wife.  He does not succeed, and he does not get promoted!

Angel Santiago

                                "The Four Main Characters"

The play "A Skull in Connemara" was about a man named Mick Down.  He heard that a lot of people think that he has killed his wife Luna, but he didn't.  They were drunk and got in a car crash.  The policeman Thomas Hanlon framed him.  Hanlon's younger brother, Mairtin, knew all about what was happening, but he doesn't say anything until the end of the play.

MaryJohnny Rafferty is the grandmother of he Hanlon brothers.  She is an old drunken lady who plays bingo everyday.  In every game she cheats.  She gets drunk and let's it slip out about Mairtin's part in the plot against Mick.  That's when Mick hits Mairtin in the head with a mallet and slips it open.  That was the most violent and scariest part of the play.