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“Uncle Vanya”


Elsy Salgado


          Somethings in the movie that I wouldn’t see in the play are that the camera directs your eye.  But in the theatre you can look at whatever you want.  You are in charge of what you want to look at.  Also you can see everything that is happening.  But in a movie, you can only see what is in front of the camera.


          I did not like Act I of  the video “Vanya on 42nd Street” because to me it was confusing.  It was confusing because I didn’t know what the play was about and when they started acted.  The part that was funny in the movie was when the Nanna was calling the chickens.   Another strong part in “Uncle Vanya” the movie  was when the Mother and his son were arguing.  It was funny when he started making faces when he turned his back on his mother.  This is why I didn’t like the movie that much.  It wasn’t that bad.