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“Julius Caesar”  by William Shakespeare




Student writing assignment – pretend you are a citizen of Rome and you just learned that Caesar has been assassinated.


Natalie Estrella


            I’m a Roman citizen from Rome.  My name is Debinuses.   I am very worried about what’s going to happen here in Rome, now that Caesar died!  Caesar was a great ruler.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw Caesar’s body full of holes.  I was sure that he was assassinated.  I wonder who wanted Caesar dead?  But to my people and me, Brutus was the one that killed Caesar.  The “Noble Brutus”, indeed!  Cesar would have been a great ruler.  I couldn’t believe that Caesar left his people money. Brutus was absolutely wrong when he said that Caesar was ambitious.


            I think that Brutus was jealous of Caesar just because Caesar had achieved what Brutus would have liked to be “An Emperor”.  They said that Brutus was noble.  Brutus was easy to fool because Cassius brain washed him into killing Caesar, I suppose.  Or Brutus was gullible.   I think that he is also honorable because he surrendered but died with honor.. Brutus also thought that no one was better than he because he didn’t want Caesar to become an Emperor.  He thought that Caesar was weak and didn’t make a good ruler.  Another reason is he wanted the government to stay democratic.


            It is actually very hard to guess what’s going to happen in Rome.  Who is going to be king?” I as a Roman citizen think that Marc Anthony is going to become Emperor (King) at the end.  Because he is noble and a good friend to Caesar.