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“Arms and the Man” Reviews


I.  This play “Arms and the Man” by George Bernard Shaw was great.  The scenes, costumes, the great acting and the lighting made the whole show interesting and exciting to watch.  Also I thought it was hilarious.  The theatre was small but I was so into the play.


This play that I saw with my class was about high and low society.  In the beginning there was a whole situation that the higher class person wouldn’t get involved with the servant who was low class.  Higher class persons were scared of what people might say or think of him if he got involved with a lower class than him.  However in the end, everyone was equal.  The higher class people and the lower class people were together and lived happily ever after.


I would recommend it to my friends because its funny, romantic, and it is something that makes you want to know what’s going to happen next.


                                                            By  Cindy Mei


II.                 The play that we went to see was about a family.  There were three women and three men.  One of the women and one of the men were getting married to each other.  The man is in the army.  His side was victorious and he came back home.  Meanwhile the woman had helped another soldier, and she fell in love with him.   In fact her fiancé also is attracted to another man.  Neither of them know about the other soldier and girl.


The mother knows about the soldier whom the girl helped.  In the end the originally engaged couple break up and go with their new boyfriend and girlfriend. 


                                                            By Fatou Ndiaye


III.               I really liked the play.   The acting was very good.  The scenery was good because it looked real.  Well, I loved the costumes especially the ones the mother and daughter had on.  The accents were nice even though I couldn’t understand them at first.  The lighting was good. I liked the part when the guy got thrown into the girl Raina’s room t.  I liked the whole play.  I thought it was very interesting and funny.


By Krystal Serrano


IV.              To me the play was cast very well.  The costumes were realistic to the period.  The make up looked good.   The lighting could have been better but the problem was that in the first act, the lights just shot at you and that sort of bothered me.  The actors themselves were very good and played their parts very well.  To me the dialogue was humorous.  Last but not least the scenery was very beautiful.  In conclusion I say the play was very good.  I loved it and if I could watch it again, I would be glad to.


By Fernando Chan



V.                 I went to a play to go see “Arms and the Man”.  From my perspective, the play was great.  I had never been to a play.  The acting was great.  The main character was a soldier and a woman.  I realized at one time that the girl and the man would fall in love.  One of the best things were the sound effects.  In every scene the sound effects were wonderful.  The best sound effect was the gun shots.  That made the play more interesting in many ways.  I thought the dialogue and accents were good, especially the maid.  Her accent flowed very easily from her mouth.


By Jonathan Marty


VI.              “Arms and the Man” seemed like a play that was put together well.   The setting of the play was the best thing of the play.  It set the mood and point in time that the story took place.  What I loved most about the play was the conflicts.  You see in the play Raina (the main character) falls in love with a soldier but she is engaged to be married, and the man she is engaged to is in love with her maid.


By Cindy Gonzalez


VII.            “Arms and the Man” by Bernard Shaw was a play about a soldier who was in a war.  He finds his way into this girl’s room for protection.  Then he returns when the war is over.  He comes back to see the girl who is going to get married and that the housekeepers have a lot of secrets on the family.


If you were watching this play you would think that you were watching a talk show without a host, but in a different century.  This play had very good scenery, acting, and the actors wore classical costumes of that time period.  There was music that went with the play’s time but many people didn’t like it.  Other than that the play was very good and I would love to see it again.


                                                            By Michael Barrett


VIII.         On March 15, 2000, my class went to The Gramercy Park Theater to see “Arms and the Man” with Ms. Vitulano and Mr. Cuchapin.  The play was great.  It was very interesting.  The actors were very good.   They acted as if it were their own lives.  The play was about romance and how a soldier falls in love with a rich, pretty woman.   Also there was a rich man who was supposed to marry the rich girl.   He fell for the maid.


In the end, the characters did find their true loves, and everything turned out fine.


                                                            By Vanessa Cartagena


IX.              The play “Arms and Man” is about love.  The scenery was almost the same for each act.  They could have done better because you could see when they moved the scenery for the next act.  Some of the costumes I liked because they were ethnic.  The play takes place in Bulgaria.  The dialogue was good because they worked well together and the acting was good.  The accents were strange but suited with the play.


I also liked the play because the lightning was just right.  They knew when to put a lot of lights, a little light, or no light at all. The sound effects were good because they made the gun shots in Scene One, Act One sound real.  The make up was good because they knew what color went with the people and the characters.  This is my opinion on what I liked and disliked about the play.


                                                            By Elsy Salgado


X.                 I went to see ”Arms and the Man”.  The background scenery of the play was a map, a window, and a backyard.  The people who feel in love were the soldier and the girl, and the maid with the soldier.


I think that everything worked fine because everybody was happy at the end of the war.   The Bulgarian  family and the Swiss came together and happiness was throughout the place.


                                                      By Justin Burgos