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“A Fantasy”  by Michael Barrett and Cindy Mei


Scene:  In heaven, Tony and Billy Bob’s apartment in the sky


Characters:  Billy Bob, Tony, Tanya


Genre:  Fantasy


BB:  I want these girls for my new movie “Heaven’s Angels” but no one will listen to me.


Tony:  Well you’re going to put this fine girl named Tanya.  I wish I could be with her.


BB:  How do you know her?


Tony:  I know her because I met her through a friend but I don’t know what to say to her.


B. B.:  Dial the number and I’ll talk to her for you if you get her to be in my movie.


(Meanwhile Tanya is at home reading a book in her bed when the phone rings.)


Tanya:  Hello who is this.


B. B.:  What’s up Tanya?  What are you doing?


Tanya:  May I ask who’s calling?


B. B.:  A friend of someone you know that I know likes and here he is.


Tony:  Uh Uh…


Tanya:  Hello!! Goodbye



B. B.:  What happened?


Tony:  I don’t know.


B. B.  Well I can tell you what you did.  You acted like a punk who can’t talk to girls like that guy we know.  What’s his name?


Tony:  Um…you


B. B.  Really funny but seriously,  you need to learn some speaking skills.


Tony:  I know.

B. B.  So are you going to call her again?


Tony:  No, but I’ll be ready for the next one.  Since I am the best when it comes women, they all want a piece of  “Tony the Tiger” because I’m GREEEEEAAAAAT.