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The Street Fighter Warehouse: Wall Papers

Welcome to one of the newest additions to the Street Fighter Warehouse. Here you can download and enjoy these wall papers I created using Adobe Photoshop v5.5. To download these wallpapers just left click on these thumbnails below and when the full-sized wall paper appears proceed with one of these methods:

for PC users:

1. Hold down the right mouse button.

2. Scroll down to "set as wallpaper".

For Mac users:

1. Hold down the mouse button.

2. Scroll down to "download image to disk".

3. Select the folder you want to save the image in.

4. See your instruction manual that came with your computer for desktop setting instructions.

If you are having problems downloading or setting the wallpaper on you desktop feel free to e-mail me at the address on the main page.

Street Fighter Wallpapers

Rival Schools Wallpapers

Dark Stalkers Wallpapers