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Scots For Independence

Last updated - 9th April 2004

This site is run by a group of like-minded Scots dedicated to the cause of Scottish Independence. We hereby call upon all Scots, whether resident or non-resident, to help us promote the cause of a Free and Independent Scotland. Our sovereign nationality of well over a thousand years is being eroded more and more each day. We are taught that we are "British", not Scottish, whatever that means. We view the progress so far of our "devolved parliament" as a pathetic talking shop, with severe limitations upon its independent actions. We will not under any circumstances promote or condone violent action of whatever nature, to whatever eventual end - this is not the answer. Scots must themselves decide on our future - to survive as an independent nation or die swamped by the Anglo-Saxon 'culture'. You may e-mail the group with your views, opinions and any articles on the subject here. Articles submitted for publication to this address will be reviewed and we will contact you if we decide to publish them. This will be done anonymously if so requested.


Latest Articles:- John Maclean, and Tartan Day Debacle.

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