Yeah! Davis/Panzer is giving Peter Wingfield a part in Highlander4: a world without end. But he needs his own show! Yes I'm being picky and yes I am starting a bit late but better late than never! Realy we may never see 'Methos' Again after hl4. Sure we'll see Peter Wingfield on thos other Sci-fi shows during piddling walk on parts, but we'll lose that 5,000 year old, cynical, adorable immortal. Davis/Panzer had such a great but sadly wasted oppertunity for a highlander spin-off. as he said "5,000 years oh history Joe, I was there". hell, even a major caracter role on Highlander: the Raven would be better than nothing. Would Amanda realy desert Joe and Methos while kiltboy is off contemplating his navel somewhere! hell no!

We cant let Methos die! Send Emails to me adressed to Davis/Panzer telling them why we need more methos! I'll send hodcopys (i.e. printed out paper ;) ) of your emails. Sign the petition another die-hard methos-fan made at the site below, and mail Davis/Panzer. Mailing them shows them that you care enough to write out a letter and pay money for it just to get your favorite caracter back on the air. (hey it only cost 32 cents and its worth it if they get enough letters.) just do anything you can do to get Methos back on the t.v. screen!

Highlander Davis-Panzer Productions 8500 Melrose Ave, Suite 202 West Hollywood, CA 90069 Attn: William Panzer

Things we'll Lose if Methos fades out!

Sign her petition!