Methos Pages

ADAMS' APARTMENT -Realy cool, weird methos page
WILDCARDS HIGHLANDER PAGE- you can own a peice of highlander be a watcher
THE BARGE- Troll Princess' Page, fanfic topten, quotes, And a harmless type of insanity
THE ADVENTURES OF KATHERINE MACLEOD- methos gallery 'nuff said
OLD SOULS' CASTLE- pics,library, games, and make sure to take the Highlander Purity Test (i made an 88%)
JAM-WIRED'S JUMBALAYA- very weird, you can enter to win an award , you have to check it out
BRIGHT GIRLS' PAGE- poems love songs and dont forget to check out the Top Tens
METHOS' WATCHERS- wonderful background pictures for your computer, methos' own show petition, good fanfic

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