ROGs Retreat

Hello and welcome to the ROG retreat, where methoholics are safe from reality and can excessivly drool over methos! eww What? drool? Sorry we can't help it, your just so frulicious! Is that a word? Probly not. But anway as I was saying before i was so rudely interupted what?! *ahem* First and foremost Save Methos!:) save me? I can take care of myself! uh-huh sure you can methos but hmph, but if we dont save you we might never see you on tv again! I'm melting! I'm melting! Cut that out! hehe

While your here snuggle up to the fireplace whith some hot chocolate and and a clone and a clone?! er, just a tiny experiment methos nothing to worry about You scare me I know! :) Where was I, oh yeah...grab some cocoa and a clone, snuggle down in front of the fireplace and read some of my fanfiction. skimpy I admit but right now Im hooked on Stargate Sg-1. you mean that geeky little wimp you so disqunstingly drool over? Methos!!! what? Shhhh!!! awww you hurt my feelings You have feelings? oh im shocked hmph Anyway I think we've rambled enough. you mean you rambled enough whatever..moving on...

Or you can go to the gallery where theres a little over a hundred pictures of the cutest 5,000 year old. oh, gee i wonder who that could be and not to mention the most cynical I try

And over on that wall our some polls so he'll know what you think of him. hmmm

And over the mantle is an award I won. They gave you an award for this? Don't act so astonished. hehe

In the folder from watcher headquarters is my new asignment.

And on your way out check out the link and webring wall. You realy need a life What and ruin my reputation? good point

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