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*Rhoads Family Cemetery*

The Rhoads Cemetery is south of the Rhoads Adobe where Daniel and Amanda Rhoads of Lemoore Ca. made their home.

It is a half mile north of the intersection of Hanford-Armona Road and Highway #41, then left one half mile to lane leading into cemetery on a little hill, north of the road.

In the vault is the coffin of Daniel Rhoads, b. 7 Dec. 1821: d. 4 Dec. 1895. His coffin is on the right or west as you enter the vault. He is the son of Thomas Rhoads and Elizabeth (Forster) Rhoads. Children: Alexander, Jesse, Sarah, Mary, John William, Daniel and Elvira.

On the left or east is the coffin of Amanda (Esrey) Rhoads, Daniel’s wife, B. 22 Feb 1825: d. 8 Nov. 1906, Daughter, of Jesse and Hannah (Forster) Esrey.

Dillard, Amanda M. (Rhoads) d. aged 20 years 6 months 19 days. Wife of James Dillard. Daughter of Isaac and Aunt “Lib”. Niece of Daniel and Amanda Rhoads.

Esrey, Justin “Cap” 5 Jun. 1900, Died Lemoore. Age: 73. B. 8Jul1827 He was a brother of Jonathan Esrey and Mrs. Daniel Rhoads, a native of Illinois. He was a bachelor engaged in cattle raising.

Madrill, Hervosio: 25 Mar 1902 Died Lemoore at age 75 he was a farmer.

Phillips, Jesse 1953 B. 1870: Son of John Fisher Phillips and Sarah (Rhoads) Phillips. Unmarried Grandson of Daniel and Amanda Rhoads.

Phillips, John Fisher: 5Apr 1882: died at age 48 years. Husband of Sarah(Rhoads) Phillips and father of Jesse Phillips and Rhoads (Phillips) Mason. Had six children.

Phillips, Rose B. 31 Dec. 1946: Had been wife of Jack Mason. Daughter of John Fisher Phillips and Sarah Rhoads Phillips, sister of Jesse Phillips and granddaughter of Daniel and Amanda Rhoads.

Phillips, Sarah (Rhoads) 5 Apr 1882: B.1847: Daughter of Daniel and Amanda Rhoads. Mother of Jesse Phillips and Rose (Phillips) Mason. Had six children. Wife of John Fisher Phillips. Died at age 35 years.

Pierce, Mary E.: 1Nov. 1899: Died Lemoore, age: 71. She was a housekeeper

Rhoads, William B. 4 Jan 1898: b.b.8Jan.1830. Brother of Daniel Rhoads, son of Thomas and Elizabeth ( Forster) Rhoads. Age 68 years.

Tobin, Sarah L. D.12Aug1894; b. 29Jun1866 Tobin unknown the inscription says “Sister-Mother”

Winsett ?Robert?: Came to Calif. In 1877 was a farmer.

Winsett, Mary (Shackleford): D. 21Jul 1930 b. 3Jan1849: Wife of Nicholas Winsett and niece of Justin Esrey.

Winsett, Nancy (Schooler)d. 5Nov1899:b. 10Aug1813

Winsett, Nicholas 26Aug1904:b.3Jan1840, son of Nancy (Schooler) Winsett

Winsett, Thomas E. D.5 Nov.1901, B. 20 Sept. 1835 Mo: Died Lemoore at age 66 He was a drayman.

Wooster, M d. 21Feb.1903 B. 1840 in Conn.

Information on the Cemetery came from the Hanford Museum, Hanford, Calif.