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Camden, South Carolina contributed 6 generals to the War of Southern Independence. They were James Cantey, James Chesnut, Zack Cantey Deas, John Bordenave Villepigue, John Doby Kennedy, and Joseph Brevard Kershaw. All of these gentlemen were educated, with the majority of them being lawyers. All of the gentlemen had a deep, abiding love of their Southern homelands. All of these gentlemen survived the war with the exception of John Bordenave Villepigue.
Chesnut, Villepigue, and Kennedy are buried in the Old Quaker Cemetery. Kershaw is buried on the family property known as Knight's Hill, outside of Camden proper.

On May 10, 1911 a monument was dedicated to the generals of Camden, South Carolina. Located in what is known as "Rectory Square" ( or "Kershaw Square" to some ), this monument consists of 6 columns supporting a pergola. Each column bears a bronze plaque with the name of one general on each. In the center of these columns is a fountain pool.

Also on this memorial you'll find this dedication:

It reads:
Deo Vindice
May 10, 1911
By the
School Children
Of Camden
To the
Six Camden schoolboys
Who attained the rank of
In the armies of the
The silent pillar
Cold and gray,
Claims kindred with
Their sacred clay,
Their spirits wrap the
Dusky mountain,
Their memory sparkles,
O'er the fountain.

*Most of the information concerning the generals and Pantheon was gathered from the book Kershaw County Confederate Miscellany.

**The photos of the monument were taken by General-ly, and some research assistance was provided by my son, Tigerman.