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All rights and priveleges to Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing are copyrighted to Sunrise, bandai , Sotsu Agency and associates. The characters used in these works of fiction are used without permission and are used for entertainment purposes only. However, the original parts and characters found in these literary works of fiction are copyrighted and owned by their respectives authors. Criticisms and comments are welcome but please be polite in giving them to the author concerned.

Before anything else, a reminder : some of the material found here contain graphic sexual encounters ( lemons, NC=17, etc. ). If you are not comfy with that, I strongly advise that you steer clear of the fics that are marked XXXX Warning !!! . That's all.On to the fics -click the image below to go to the Author's Index. Happy Reading !!!!!


A note from the Webmistress: If you want a beta reader,dear fic authors, then e-mail Dark One Shadowphyre at'll be happy to help you.