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This is my Stitching Room (my personal LNS :) :) ), My Haven!

Updated pictures 5-5-2010

I am very fortunate to have a stitching room all to myself. It has ONLY my crafty things in it-It is SMALL, and EVERY inch of space is used-and it is my haven :) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING IN THIS ROOM!!!!
However with it being such a small room it really has a lot of supplies and cabintes and furnishings to hold all those supplies-the best part is I can close the door if I need to :)
I used to share my stitching room with our office, but not anymore. I have a room all to myself. I don't stitch in this room-it is more for preparing to stitch and doing all my finishing work. I like to stitch in the den where I can watch TV with hubby.

Update on WDW, GAST and CC Fibers organization 5-4-2010
Some things are just worth the effort...this is one of those things!!!! Here is what we came up with for my Gast, WDW and CC threads. I must admit that I did not stitch with these as much as I would have liked to because they were a "chore" to go through and pull the needed fibers. If you will remember all my GAST, WDW and CC's were in baggies and on rings and stored in these 2 drawers...

I can now say I will HAPPILY stitch with them :) We purchased these simple inexpensive Tie/Belt Racks-they are wonderful-the pegs are offset so they don't hang right on top of each other and each rack will hold 27 different colors. Some colors I have 5-6 skeins of and that's no issues as the pegs are long enough to hold them. I did have to trim down the tags on the top rows of each rack-but the bottom rows will hold the tags without trimming.

I have my GAST and WDW on this wall...
It took 6 racks to hold my GAST and 8 for my WDW-I have a extra spaces that I can add new colors if needed. They are all alphabetized-If I bring in new colors-they will go to the "extras rack-as I will not "redo the alphabetizing" each time I get a new color.

And this wall holds my CC's. 4 racks of those. (when we started out-hubby asked me how many racks I needed and I said oh about 10...LOL! I guess I underestimated my fibers :) )

I am so thrilled and it was so worth the 3 LONG days it took organizing these fibers :) That's pratically all I did for 3 days BUT it will be so nice to pull fibers now for a project and always know what I have on hand at a glance :)

Random pics in stitching room taken over the past month ( Taken between 4-1-2010 & 5-4-2010) of changes being made

I have been doing some organizing and purging in my stitching room today. Due to the fact the room is so small and I have so much stash, finished projects and "finishing stuff" I have to utilize the room in the best possible way. Hubby made me a work table that I could put in the middle of the room so I could access everything I need from the table instead of being in a corner. He was so smart as I couldn't find anything I liked at a reasonable price OR a smaller size for the by adding/securing a large piece of press board to the top of a 4 drawer Sterlite chest that I had in my stitching room- I now have a very durable work table with storage for the items I use most when doing my finishing work :)I am so happy with the end result of this table and best of didn't cost us anything :):) :)We used materials we already had! I was going to paint it-but in the end decided not to as I will be pretty rough on it with using a Stanley knife for a lot of my projects-this way I can just sand the roughness out without taking off any paint! He added my yard stick ruler to the top for convenience. I also have 4 large drawers to keep the items I use the most when finishing. Wasn't that just a brilliant idea from him?? :) He sure is a keeper :)

I went from this...

To this for my ribbons.

And my trims went from this...

To this..

And my lace went from this...

To this

All the extras that looked like this...

Are now organized in the bottom drawer.

I organized the two Shelves before bedtime :) We went from this....

To this :) MUCH better :)

I made a few more changes today (4-14-2010) to my stitching room....hubby thought it was hard to get me out of there I want to spend all my time in there LOL!
I moved all my DMC drawers to the floor and hubby secured them to the wall so they don't topple over :)
I can reach them all now without the need of a ladder as before :)

And here is what I did with the space the DMC drawers were prior :)

Pictures PRE-reorganization in April 2010
This is a 4 drawer chest that holds all my fabrics.
You can see a pic of it in the first pic on this page. It is under my work table.
The first drawer holds my stitched pieces that need finishing done on them.
Second drawer holds my 28ct. Fabrics
Third drawer holds my 32 ct and higher fabrics
And the last drawer holds all my Silkweaver fabrics

This is a bookcase that holds a great many of my smalls.
I have SMALLS all over the house-but some of them live here

Here are two 6 drawer chests I have. I love them, they hold my kits as well as my Specialty and overdyed fibers.

This is a 4 drawer file cabinet that holds my charts-all 4 drawers are PACKED!
The baskets on top hold my LHN and SMALL SB kits :)

They are labeled and organized by designer in hanging file folders.


My Sewing Machine

Some of my stitching accessories
Floorstands, Lapstands, Magmetic Chart holder, Daylight Lamps, I also have a travelling OTT lamp not pictured

This is my smaller daylight floor lamp.

This is my table top Daylight Lamp.

This is my primary Daylight floor lamp. It is the one I use for most of my stitching.
And my scissors

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