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And The Animals Came
Designer: Linda Gillum
Design Size: 12.8 x 13.9
Fabby: 28 ct. white. Jobelan
Fibers: DMC
Date Finished: 6-1-06
I love Noah's Ark and collect Noah's Ark pieces.
This is my second stitched piece to add to my collection.
This one was a long time in finishing. It was in the works for 4 years.
I stitched on it only when it called to me.
I tried to put it into rotation, but would always find a reason not to work on it when it came up in rotation.
I decided that 2006 would be the year to finish it along with a couple of other large WIP's that I had in the works for 2 years.
I met that goal. This piece has so much b/s in it-it is hard to tell from my picture of it...
tooo lazy today to take another pic. Will try to replace it soon.
I also left off the stain glass effect around the design as I didn't care for it.

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