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2012 Finishes
Click on the links below for a picture and details about each project.

Fourth of July Stocking
Tulip House Stitching Companion
Floral Bouquet Pincushion
Anna's Darning Pincushions
Pumpkin Blossom Pincushion
Hannah's Small Basket
Bird N Blossoms
Liberty Belles
Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet
Woodland Berries
Plymouth Sampler
Good Huswifes in Summer
Spring's a Buzzin'
Spring Fling
Bounding Bunny
ABC for Crow
Homestead Halloween
A Little Easter
Old Crow
Magnetic Needlebook
Stuffed Bunny
Bunny Pillow
PS Rabbit
Clamp Pincushion
Rabbit Pin Pillow
Pinkie Needle Tweet
The Busy Needle
Stork Scissors Pin Pillow
Be True
Be Kind
Heart and Home Sampler
Sampler Roundy
Bluebird Serenade
Home Sweet Home
Prairie House Sewing Case