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2010 Finishes
Click on the links below for a picture and details about each project.

O Birdy
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Season of Love
Winter Love
Snowman and Cardinals Ornament
Santa and Deer Ornament
Ps Santa
Snowman Ornament
Woodland Santa
Sampler Roundy #2
Sampler Roundy
A Bee C Sampler
Leaping Reindeer
Redwing Blackbird Box
Christmas Motif Sampler
Beehive Cupcake
Stitching Tin
Flower Cupcake
Warm Hearts Pillow
Bitty Birds Sampler
Witch's Treat
Scatter Pumpkins
Blackbird and Sunflower
Autumn Pin Pillow
Black Cat/Pumpkin Ornament
Blackbird and Pumpkin Cupcake #2
Blackbird and Pumpkin Cupcake
Pumpkin Cube
Pumpkin Box
Gasper Ghost
Autumn ABC's
Gathering Acorns
PS Crow Ornament
Black Cat Ornament
Leggy Pumpkinhead
Prim Bucket Pincushion
Autumn Cupcake
Jolly Jack
Pumpkin Pincushion Box!
Boo Squared
Fall Squared
Pumpkin Floss Tag
Autumn Alphabet
Pumpkin Cupcake
Spooky Sheep
Pumpkin Patch
Blackbird and Sunflower Thread Keeper
Blackbird Cupcake
Pumpkin and Blackbird Pin Pillow
Pumpkin Harvest
Ida Mae Crow
Ira Ray Crow
Spooky Stuff Button Sampler
Love/Home Sampler
Stars and Stripes
Liberty House Sampler
Happy Flag Flag Day
Summer Solstice
Floss Tag
Bird Pin Pillow
1997 PS Fairie
Bunny Button Sampler
Hoppity Pin Pillow
Coussin � aiguilles
Gardener's Pocket
Spring Fling
Turtle Needlebook
Netty's Sampler Pinkeep Drum
Bluebird's Needles and Pins
Bluebird cupcake pincushion #2
Bluebird cupcake pincushion #3
Bluebird Bucket Pincushion
Sunflower Sampler
Bluebird cupcake pincushion
Botanical Sewing Pocket
Buttons and Blooms
My Pins
Wild Berry
Pin and Needle Cupcake
Daffodil Run
Redwing Blackbird
Tulip Time
Bird Needle Minder
Woodland Sampling
A Bird in Hand
Chocolate Bunnies
The Little Bunny Pin Pillow
Stitched with Love
Beehive Motif Scissors Pocket
Be True
Needle and Thread
Leggy Snowman
Heart and Home Sampler
Scissors Pocket
Liberty And Justice
Signs of Spring (bunny w/carrot)
Sampling Easter
Happy Bunny Bunny Day
Rabbit Roundabout
Trousse in Red
Forever True
Be Of Good Cheer
Folk Art Bunny