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2007 Finishes
Click on the links below for a picture and details about each project.

Delivering Spring
Star of Wonder
Pumpkin Patch
Button Up
Victoria's Quaker
Five Little Pumpkins
Autumn Harvest
Scream Girls
Petite Exemplary #4
Petite Exemplary #3
Autumn Quaker Pinkeep
Quaker Flower Trinket Box
Acorn Hill
Petite Exemplary 2
Petite Exemplary 1
Mattress Pincushion
Celebration Autumn
Garden Days
Redwork Heart Sampler
Pumpkin Sampler (in red)
Trousse aux Fleurs Bleues
Redwork Stitching box for Vonna
Blue Bird
Summer Bird
Summer Exchange
For the Birds Needlebook
Halloween Needleroll
Garden Needleroll
Hoppin' Hares
Round Tin
Souffle dete
And A Forest Grew Exchange
Folk Heart Needleroll
Folk Art Sewing Roll
Ruler Pocket
Beehive Tin
Flower Tin
The Prairie Schooler Tin and Fob
Flower Heart 2
Polly Wolly Doodle
Spring Line Up
There is a Garden
Victoria's Quaker Pinkeep
Simply Elegant Scissor Case
Doux coeur Tyrol
Tending The Blooms
Quaker Sampling I
July Motif from a Prairie Year
House with Landscape Exchange for Vonna
House Scissor Pocket
Sheep Tape Measure
Spring Quaker exchange for Natty
Spring Quaker exchange for Katrina
Prairie Schooler Freebie
Easter Needleroll for Toni
S is for Spring
Stitch'n Bee
Flower Heart
Hop Into Spring
Pinkeep for Nicki
Pyn Purse Cushion
Christmas Abecedaire Ornament
Whitman's Vintage Red Tin Sewing Set
Bee Pinkeep

Winter Solstice
Christmas Motif Sampler
Peacock Scissor Pocket
Planted Hearts Needleroll
June Motif (from a Prairie Year
Sunflower Romance (CARRY-OVER)
Winter's Charms
Be True
Winter Gingham
Winter Bird
Winter Alphabet