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2005 Finishes
Click on the links below for a picture and details about each project.

Watering Can Garden Glove Motif
September Garden
Needlework Garden Snip Basket
Christmas Eve
White Christmas
2005 Santa Ornament
Tis The Season
Quaker Sewing Case
Black Cat for Nicki
Heart Song Sampler
Pine Mountain Design and Necklace
Black Cat Sampler
The Flower Garden Fairy (Carry-over)
Rose Mosaic Needle Roll
Redwork PinKeep
Autumn Freebie
Friend To Friend
Quaker Swan Case
Eliza Jane's Needlekeep and Scissors Flat
Wee Wooly
Garden Sampler
December Swirls Snapper
Wooly Zipper
Liberty Sam
November Twirls Snapper
Oh Christmas Tree (carry-over from 2001)
Time and Season Sampler (carry-over from 2004)
Bee Keeper Scissor and Fob
Bloom Where You are Planted
Spring Band Sampler
Rose Trellis
October Curls
In the Garden Of My Heart
Harvest Of Berries Sampler
Black Sheep Sampler
In My Garden
My Garden
September Brings Snapper
The Busy Bee
The House That Love Built
Snow Buddy
August Rings
Warm Hearts
Whee Willie
The Little Bunny
Easter Bird
Dance Of The Bumblebee
Be Happy
Tree Ornament
Red Bird Sampler
July Sings
Bee Mine
Winter Is For The Birds