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On this moment The YRS Group is under construction
and there will be allot of changes in the group
But you are always welcome to join us :)


Welcome to The Yellow Rose Sisters Webring
This webring is created to bring ladies on the internet together to make new friends.

We are still a fairly young ring,
small enough so that we know just about every member by name,
and we have all succeeded in becoming great friends.
We joke and kid around a lot, and we truly care about each other.
We are an online family!

The YRS group has allot of activity in the group like:
*Secret Blossems *Anniversary Committee
*Wishing Well Committee *Birthday Committee
*Graphics Committee *Welcoming Committee *Big Sisters Committee
*YRS E-group *Yellow Rose Forum

But if you like it more to be a silent member
than you are very welcome too

Once you've become a member
you will have access to all of the private (members only) pages


You are welcome to join our online family :))
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This Yellow Rose Sisters site owned by YRS.

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Yellow Rose Management:

Gabriella - President YRS
Sarah - Vice President YRS

Chairlady's: Heather, Anya,
DeeDee and Stepha




This Dream Dolls Webring site
owned by Gabriella

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