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Military Abductions

In my research of the alien abduction phenomena, I have come to the conclusion that not all reported abductees have been taken by "little green men." Many citizens have been taken by the American government for uses in covert Military/Intelligence projects. I have found that at least three factions of the American government are interested in people that report having been abducted by UFO's. There is also a connection between black or unmarked helicopter activity and military abductions.

Military/Intelligence groups interested in abductee:

1st Group - interested in mind and behavior control programs, such as MKULTRA and the Montauk Project

2nd Group - interested in biomedical or genetic research. Many UFO researchers believe that the "greys" have a genetic disorder. The US government was given technology in exchange for conducting genetic experiments on the population to try to "fix" the genetic disorder, possibly through the creating of alien-human hybrids. The military would also be interested in a genetic research program for military applications.. the super soldier.

3rd Group - Military task force which has been operating since the 1980's. This group appears to be interested in the UFO alien abduction phenomenon for information gathering purposes. Some abductions may be alien abduction and the military and intelligence agencies would be interested in seeing what kind of "medical examinations" abductees are subjected to. To determine what the aliens are looking for and to determine what level of technology the aliens have.

What abductees report:

Many individuals that have reported being abducted by aliens also report that they were taken by military and intelligence personel and taked to hospitals and/or underground military facilities. Other abductees report that in addition to being taken by aliens, they are also being taken by members of the military. Some of these facilities may be the infamous Area 51, where is is rumored that the American government is keeping recovered UFO's, or possibly the Montauk/Camp Hero base on Long Island, the site of the Montauk project. Many abductees report seeing aliens and military/intelligence personel working side by side in these facilities, indicating that at least some military or intelligence agencies are aware of an alien presence on earth and are working with them.

Signs of MILAB abduction:

The appearance of black or unmarked helicopters around the abductees home. Strange vans or busses parked outside the home. Being transported with a helicopter or bus or truck to an underground facility. They report that the abductors give them a shot with a syringe. They report being examined by human doctors in rooms that look like a regular hospital room, abductees say that they are tied to examination tables or gynological chairs. The doctors are present and dressed in lab coats.

Presence of black or unmarked helicopters:

The helicopter mystery starts during the late 1960's and early 1970's in connection with animal mutilations. During this time, the helicopters only showed a minor interest in UFO abductees.
We believe that these helicopters are operated by top secret military or intelligence agencies that work with the alien presence on earth. Animal mutilations are in between measures to keep alien genetic problems to a minimum until we can breed out the problem with the creation of hybrids. The helicopters may be the way that abductees are transported from their homes to the underground facilities were examinations are conducted.


More that 3 million animal world wide have been implanted with transponders manufactured by Destron-Fearing.
Bio-chips for humans have been developed by Dr. Daniel Man - he holds the US patent (1989). A small surgical incision must be made for placement of the implant. The best location for the implant would be behind the ear. Many MILAB abductees report having implants removed from this location.
The military of intelligence agencies involved in MILABS would use three satilites or specially equiped helicopters if they want to find or monitor a person.
An agency interested in monitoring physiological information of an abductee during a UFO abduction experience would use biomedical telemetry . Biomedical telemetry is defined as a special area of biomedical instrumentation that permits transmission of physiological information from an inaccessible location to a remote monitoring site.

Post hypnotic suggestion:

We believe that the majority of alien abductions are actually conducted by the military or intelligence agencies. Abductees report an alien abduction because the real memory was erased by a process known as Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDM), which is accomplished by electronically jamming the brain causing the neurotransmitter acctylcholine to create static which blocks out sight and sound. After this mind control procedure, a MILAB abductee would have no memory of what he/she saw or heard. The mind of the abductee would be blank. Since the abductees mind or memory of the abduction would no longer exist, the doctors would create a traumatic memory of abduction by "little green men." Because of contemporary thinking about abductees, these people would be branded crazy by main-stream society.

Information from: Helmut Lammer, Ph.D "Preliminary Findings of Project - MILAB: Evidence for Military Kidnappings or Alleged UFO-Abductees."