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Movie Midis

These are midis of movies
Apollo 13 Theme Song
Alien Theme
Axel F, The Beverly Hills Cop Theme
Blade Runner
Braveheart Theme
Congo...Too bad about the diamonds...
Cool Runnings was a true story! Long live John Candy!
Executive Descision was out in the era of plane crash movies
Forrest Gump Theme
Ghost Busters Theme Song
Get Shorty Theme (Cantaloop?)
The Godfather Theme
Halloween H2O Theme
Home Alone 3...AHHH!!!
ID4 Theme
Indiana Jones! Alright!
Jaws Theme
Phenomenon Theme
Psycho Theme
Rocky Theme Song
Schindler's List
Star Wars Medley
Streets of Philadelphia
Terminator Theme (Doesn't do Brad Fiedel justice)
Top Gun Theme
Wierd Science

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