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LS/VTEC Conversion Shooping List

Basic list of what is needed for the LS/VTEC motor
buildup. Maximum performance gains will
not be realized unless you bump up the compression ratio
by meaning of higher compression pistons or other parts.

1. A non-VTEC block(B18A/B).
2.A complete VTEC head from any
B'series DOHC. Must included VTEC
distributor, cams, valve cover, intake
manifold, & throttle body, along with all
other part on the head.
3.A B18A/B timing belt(non-VTEC belt) or
VTEC T-belt to match with VTEC water pump(DOHC)
4.B series DOHC VTEC head bolts(95+ GSR)
5. A VTEC ECU, or an RPM activator switch to activate the VTEC solenoid.
6.B18A/B non-VTEC headgasket.(for hight C/R use only single middle layer)
7.A threaded flat head hex screw to fill the oil feed hole on the
VTEC head or have an machine shop welded and resurface or both.

Fittings and lines:

3ft. -4an steel braided hose line
(1) 1/4-in. tee fitting
(4) -4an to 1/8 BSPT flair adpater
(1) 1/8 pipe plug tap
(1) -4AN flare adapter with a 3/8 BSPT thread

Recommmend part list to consider:

1 DOHC VTEC oil pump(DOHC B'series)
A DOHC VTEC water pump(will need DOHC timing belt)
B'series VTEC piston with higher C/R with valve relief cuts
Shot peen Rods
ARP rods bolts & head bolts
ITR, CTR or aftr mkt. cams
ITR intake manifold
(when using B16A or B18C5 heads only)
Stiffen springs for that XXXtra rev
Reprogrammed VTEC ECU(PR3, PR30, P28)
(will need to run knock sensor on some ecu)

Here are a few steps & pictures to illustrate the setups.
I know process isn't very detail. Email for further explantion

Mate the VTEC head & intake manifold to the NON-VTEC block.

VTEC Heads oil passage need to be
tap with hex screew or welded.

Turbo Mag ls/vtec info.

Running the oil feed line from the head to block

Tee and run the 3ft. -4an steel-braided hose line to the VTEC head.

External oil line for the VTEC head
(-4an steel braided lines)

This motor has been sold after 6 months of running it. New methods is in the works.
Click on LS/VTEC II page to a updated method.


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