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This is a TRUE story about a "so-called" religious person. The names have been omitted to protect the innocent, and the guilty name is changed to "C" as I don't wish to write it or see it.


This woman (C) professed herself as being the victim of an unhappy marriage involving domestic violence, from which she escaped with her children, and has hidden herself from "A", her first husband. She divorced some years ago, and told us she received nothing from him but a small amount of child support. She was pitied by all for the treatment she said she had received from "A".

"C" also told everyone of a debilitating disease she had, which caused periods of time where she was completely incapacitated and had to be cared for and fed. She led us to believe that because of this illness she was unable to work, and received generous government assistance.

She met "B" in the course of her religious visits, and he was a prime candidate for conversion. He was treated so well, and cooked for, and treated with respect and kindness. "B" had been in a period of despondency and depression, and she visited him often. He was enamored by her kindness and interest in him.

This led to a marriage between "C" and "B". However, he did not convert to this religion, and as soon as she found she was pregnant, she took her children from her first marriage and left him, with no explanation. Stories were told to others of his meanness and his verbal abuse. Her friends sympathised with her, in her choice of men. FANCY HAVING TWO FAILED MARRIAGES.

She reverted to her maiden name and rented a house nearby. The baby was born six months later. She bonded the child with the father, and he visited several times a week and was so proud of his baby girl until ........ a few months later she took her three children and vanished interstate, telling people she feared for her safety. "B" was in despair and inconsolable. Some people circulate the story of "B" the wife beater in his local community. He is not told of these stories. He spent time, energy and money and eventually found her whereabouts interstate.

He tried legally to have her return to his home state, so he could see his child. This was circumvented by stories to solicitors where she now "resided", about his physical abuse and threats to her life. She took parenting orders against him, and caused months of legal fees and heartbreak.

She contacts "B" by phone and tells him he can fly down to visit, but ONLY if he stops all legal avenues. He is desperate to see his child, and agrees. He takes unpaid leave from work, and goes there. However there are more conditions he finds when he arrives. More dues to pay. The baby is now over a year old and he has wasted so much time and money. So he agrees to her demands.

After a few weeks of misery, he returns and eventually decides his only recourse is to try to start a "new" life without his child. He tells her this by phone and ......... She returns to his state and lives again nearby and lets "B" know where she is . So much for the "FEAR" she had for her safety.

He is encouraged again to see the child often. But there is always a catch. Emotional blackmail is applied and increases at every visit. But he is overjoyed to be so close to his child.

In the meantime it has been found from independent sources that........

Fact 1 "B" had not nagged her. In fact the reverse had occurred. She had verbally abused him almost every night from soon after they were married. A close neighbour had sold his house because he could not sleep at night for her yelling. He had tried to appease her.

Fact 2 Her first husband "A" had not been the ogre she had made out. He had been treated unfairly, frustrated by her behaviour during their marriage, and she had taken him for over $100,000 after the divorce. He had legal access to his children, but she thwarted him by either forgetting his visits and going out, or shifting house frequently, About fifteen times in ten years. When he did have access, the children had been poisoned against him, after he had travelled a long way to see them.

Fact 3 Her disease could have been a lie. Only one person in Australia was a registered sufferer, and he contracted it in America. But such a disease is worthy of sympathy from all others.

Fact 4 She admitted to "B" that she had lied to solicitors interstate. After all the other lies, what more could be expected.

Fact 5 She left her "B" NOT because he was a cruel monster, but because he did not convert. Other people who have had a similar experience with family members say that a year is all that is given for these people to "make a convert" out of an "unbeliever". The child was to be the replacement convert in his stead.

Since returning to completely punish "B" for not converting, the emotional blackmail has increased. His life is a misery as she hoped. That will teach him. This says a lot for the so called "Christian spirit" and "family values" that these people tell others.

He gave her his car so she would have transport. She has gone through three other in the past three years. She has an accident within a couple of months and then a few months later, another accident and writes off the car. Both times she "C" was the person at fault.

"C" stalks him and his friends, rings up to abuse him all the time, and tells him that he will never get a divorce, telling him of future things she can and will do to him. After all, she is a poor defenseless abused woman.

These are the actions of a "CHRISTIAN", who preaches for a happy family life. All of this is the truth, as God is my witness. So you may understand when I say

The Justice system and truth in life does not pay.