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MaroochyShire Council's

Careful- The Maroochy Shires Dog Catcher is Watching
The Latest Little Hitlers to enter the Stage in the Maroochy Shire are their Dog Catchers.
As bureaucrats go, these guys TAKE The CAKE.
They dress up in pseudo blue service Uniforms to look like POLICE and travel in company (like in LAPD) for backup. - in case a little old lady attacksthem perhaps?
All that's lacking is the Luger Holster and Jack Boots to complement their image.
Then armed with the Authority to issue $150 On the Spot Fines, they patrol the Beaches for Dogs not on Leashes.

Usually they drive along the beach at low tide.
Why? Well - it's Easy, they Look Important and they don't expend any energy and get all sweaty chasing Criminals like us.  And this was fine, because we would know when to look out for them and see them coming for miles.
But lately they have taken to parking at a convenient (SHORT) Beach Entry Track and waddling down to the beach in the hope of catching Offenders off their guard.
So now we need to be alert for Big Blue Beer Guts hiding in the dunes at all hours of the day. However they never venture far from the end of the Paths.  (The Energything again.)

On face value, these Dog Patrols would not be such a BAD thing -  for some Vicious Dogs on Crowded Beaches, but for an Old Aged Pensioner exercising his Good Natured Pooch on DESERTED Beaches at 7AM it's Bloody RIDICULOUS.
And these Puffed Up Little Bureaucrats really seem to ENJOY their job.

Update 1/2/02
I copped a $150 Fine today for letting my dog loose on our deserted beach to run into the water chasing seagulls. The only people present were my neighbours (who love dogs) and of course Officer Kelly (The Dirty Harry of Maroochy)
He got PISSED because I didn't pay him his due respect, and simply walked away while he was giving me his prepared Lecture on Dog Control.
(I had to walk away or I might have HIT him - Then I would have been up on Assault.)


First the hero STALKS his victim and covertly TAKES THEIR PICTURE (For Evidence) before approaching them and issuing his $150 FINE.
(That has to be an INVASION OF PRIVACY or Civil Liberty in itself)
I know Jobs are scarce and a job is a job and I guess if you're really DESPERATE, but the prerequisite for THIS JOB would have to be that the guy was a;

And what does that tell you about the Council that PAYS them???