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Zerg specific strategy Terran specific strategy Protoss specific strategy

Basic Strategy:
Recon, recon and more recon. If you know what the enemy is doing you can figure out what you should be doing. Many ways to recon: ComSat, Observer, Overlord, Dark Templar, cloaked Wraith or Ghost, suicide scout... I'll betcha there's more too. Also, use common sense. If you see the enemy Terran with a bunch of Firebats, Marines and Medics, start making a defense of: Lurkers, Reavers, Templar of either kind, Archons, Bunkers, Tanks, or stuff like that. Use Defilers (if you have them) to plague and waste medic energy. Also remember to attack earlyish and as much as possible, if the enemy is trying to defend heavier he won't be going up the tech tree, right? Right. So now you have Guardians, Devourers and Mutalisks partially upgraded. He has no Ghosts, BCs, Science Vessels, Valkyries etc. And ALWAYS upgrade ANY units you plan to use more of than 2 or 3. I've heard a fully upgraded Hydralisk can take 3 unupgraded ones.

Zerg tips

Terran tips

Protoss tips