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Starcraft News for July 27th

GameSpy and Sin
There is an unsupported version of GameSpy 3d that features support for the Sin Demo released at GameSpy. Install this version over your existing GameSpy installation, auto-update your master servers, and you'll be in Sin'n in Multiplayer heaven. Grab your GameSpy here. Get more info on Sin here. Download the demo from any of these mirror sites.

Two Digits For a Date
You've all heard of the millenium bug, right? Well here's a little joke to go along with our lament. The programmers should get a kick out of it. hehehe Thanks to T'Kron for sending it in :)

About the Acct# problems
There is an excellent post in the forums on how ppl are getting assigned new acct #'s randomly. I have seen this happen. I have also seen it where the same acct# showed up for two different ppl on line when I used the /whois and the /where is command. Very weird stuff. Anyway the article has some excellent advice on how to protect yourself. Read it here.

Now I'm Offended
I recieved this in email from Jano of SC Data Link. Not only does he imply Yeun stole the screenshot from them, even tho the news archives show I posted it 2 days b4 them (who really gives a rats @ss) BUT he implies I cheat on my counter! Why? Cuz I'm a girl?? That means I would cheat? I work hard on this site every day AND I do it alone. I've earned everyone of those hits, and I'm not so obsessed with the number of hits I get that I would ever consider jacking with them. Got one word for you Jano.... PRICK !
Here's the mail:

Ok then. I'll follow those things you said when I find out about those things later. Regarding about your site having it first. That does not matter, I mean if someone pops in to my site, takes the image and babbles "I found it first!!!" Babbling idiot (yes, thats his name) called infoceptor and gave them the pic they got from SC Realm and didnt even mention where they got it from.

Well, good luck with your StarCraft page.

Have fun.. ;)

BTW, did you cheat on the counter? :) it says i has 26000 in total. How many visitors do you get daily? Your a girl? There arent many SC girl web masters ;|, heh.. well, bye for now.

Maps Up
Scum Runner has it's Multiplayer Use Map Settings open now. Complete with description of each map for you. Go check it out here.

I Don't See the Prob Here
SC Legacy has been posting about some guy in the Ladders named 1_COOL_GUY. Seems he has more than one account ie; YERMOMLLUVUS has the same account # and both are ranked in the top 10 and that this in some way makes him a cheater. Now maybe I don't understand the ladder system (I don't do ladder games) but is there really anything wrong with this? I don't see how it is in anyway cheating or giving him an unfair advantage? Am i missing something or is it some rule that you can only have one character in ladder games? Fill me in guys. ~Tender Fury~

SC Win98 Desktop Theme
Protoss Explorers has released a Win98 theme for you. Includes new sounds, cursors, icons, font, and active desktop wallpaper! Download it here.

Antioch Chronicles Review
Aderrasi at StarShack has wrote a raving review of the Chronicles. Here's a peek: If you haven't downloaded them yet, give the homepage a look. I think you'll change your mind.

The sole creator of this tale is Auspex Turmalis, known as helpful poster on Blizzards forums and member of the CWAL writers. His work exceeds every other custom campaign I have seen so far. The maps are simply brilliant, the introduced hero units have all-new speech. The storyline, which leads through 8 maps plus an Epilogue-map is very well designed and rivals even Blizzard's own creation.

SC Sound zip
BLW has a large zip file (3.45megs) of SC Sounds, some that were never used. Many are not named/identified and Seenior is asking for help. If you have an MPQ Viewer and would like to help him identify these sounds he'll give you full credit. In any event it's still a cool zip to have. Download it here. Contact Seenior here.

Walling In (Defending your opponent to death)
SC Infoceptor has added a new strat. This one was written by Michael Parker and is for the Terran players. He says this strat will turn enemy choke points into your advantage. Give it a read here.

Starcraft News for July 26th

Sin Demo
So are you guys as bored as me? Well why not download the new Sin Demo. Hey it's something to do and the game looks pretty cool anyway :) [news source - scLegacy]

Ohhhh he only wanted hits!
Well I can forgive that, sorta ;) Here's the email from Jano on the copyright rant I made earlier :

Maybe I was a little wrong on the thing. I really ment that I dont want everybody else saying that they found it first and not give us any credit. SC Realm found some cool screen shots from a book and wanted to copyright it, then the same type of person like tender fury ;) showed up and says, "no you cant do that". What happened to SC Realm [] is that somebody took the picture sent it to SC Infoceptor and claimed that he found it. You or me would not be happy if this happened to us. I wanted it to be exclusive so people would have to link to us to get it, that way we will get more visitors. All that I am doing here is an attempt to boast the popularity of the SC Data Link [datalink.gamescentral], we are trying to be the best and give ya'all just the best. Im replying to this e-mail so Tender gives us a free link at the news page.

Have fun!

Well i can understand the desire for hits. But i have one question. If u didn't want others taking credit for having it first, then why don't u give me credit for having it b4 ya'll did? (I did tell u that in the email, even gave u the links). Seems like a contradiction there Jano. *gasp*

Next time how bout just saying "please do not link directly to the pic. Please link to our main page." I've seeen this at other sites and try to respect the request. Anyway thanks for the response Jano and yep I gave u your free link, even tho you haven't changed the post yet. But hey, that's just the kinda girl I am! :p hehehe

Ok so I guess i'm not the only one that didn't think SC Realm had a copyright to those pics. Seems they got a lot of email on it so they changed the post. They were from a mag btw. They put up a new one of the Chem lab/Academy so check it out if u want. SC Infoceptor has a pic from the same mag of the Spy Satellite :) Check it out. Good thing they changed the post , couldn't u see all the lawsuits floating around. "It's mine", No, "It's mine!", NO..... *Blizz'z booming godlike voice* "It's Ours". hehehe (ok so i got a weird sense of humor *wink*)

What is it with this Copyright stuff??
I was just over at SC Data Link and they have a "exclusive" screenshot of the "Terran Valkyrie". They go on to say it's THEIR copyright. Umm excuse me but that's the same screen that Yeun sent me a few days ago in a zip of hidden pics. I also put it on the updated hidden pics page yeterday. Ok this is petty and I'm ranting but I just don't get where this copyright stuff is coming from... Can you copyright a screenshot?? A mag pic?? Wouldn't that really be Blizz's or the Mags property?? (Mags? u say - read the SC Realm post below) What do ya'll think??? Mail me. I'd really like to know. Anyway I emailed Jano at SC Data Link about it. We'll see what he says. I'll post it if he answers me.

Zerg Movement Analysis
SC Infoceptor has completed the latest in their unit anlalysis series. Covers the velocity, acceleration and scouting efficiency of each unit.You can view the Zerg analysis here, Terran here and Protoss here.

SC Realm, Pics, and Copyrights...
SC Realm has some pics up of hidden units. Bunker, Dry Docks, Genetics Lab, Power Generator and Repair Facility. He says the pics are "their copyright" ?? They look like scans from a magazine to me. Wouldn't that be the mags copyright?? Just my opinion. View them here. (meow, yeah I'm feeling a tad catty this morning)

Using the Mini-Map
Chaplin has a new strat post. This one will teach you all about the mini-map and how to use it effectively. Read it here.

New site opens
Recieved an email about a new site called BlizzardGames.COM They say "Our site features complete news reporting, information about Blizzard games, an extensive Community links section, forums, and affiliate sites to provide the *deepest* available coverage of each game." It's a huge site. Check it out here.

Starcraft News for July 25th

C&C: Tiberian Sun
Gamesmania has a sneak peek preview of C&C: TiberianS up. It's a fun read and the game sounds like a gotta have. Check it out here.

Foresaken Win98 Playable Demo
Acclaim released a new Forsaken demo (v1.10), that should run on Win98 and also includes a software renderer (the old version required a 3D card). Grab it here.

Got MechCommander?
MicroProse announced two free multiplayer maps for MechCommander. You can download "Gun Bunk" and "Blood makes the Grass Grow" here

.SCM Tutorials
Calbear over at SC Extreme has put together a pair of Tutorial SCMs. The first two scms teach Zealot rushing and double Hatchery Zergling swarms. They'll walk the user through step by step on how to do them with pop up messages at various points telling u what u should be building/making. This sounds like an easy way to teach strats and increase your build time :) Grab the .scms here. If you'd rather just read the strats, Calbear has posted the Zealot Rush and the Double Hatchery Zerglings. He's also got a strat on Starting off the first four peons.

Brood War
Just wanted to mention that I opened a Brood War section. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. I'd really like your feedback on it. This was put together by gathering info from all over the web so there's some stuff here not on Blizzards page.

Forums Open at scLegacy
Just thought I'd let everyone know in case they'd like to go post in them. The forums are for SC help/tips/strategy. You can check the forums out here.

A Scary Story
Here's one in the forums with a sense of humor :) Thanks to SC Infoceptor for pointing this post out.

Blizz Chat
The first Blizzard webmaster-only chat was last night. Here is all the info that dealt with SC and BroodWars :

ScottC7 First question: How about an update on the projects in general?
BillRoper Starcraft: Brood War is getting reaaly fun to play. all of the units and special effects are in, and the tile sets are really coming together. We are starting the play balance process and are getting the campaigns together at this point. The cinematic team has done an incredible job as well, and it is shaping up to be really much more than just a simple expansion. The team's concept is to make it "even better than Starcraft" and they are doing it.

ScottC7 Are there plans for a StarCraft 2?
BillRoper We have not decided on where the Starcraft universe is going to go, ecept for what is being done in Brood War.
ScottC7 Was Jeff Vaughn (webmaster) one of the employees who left?
BillRoper Yes. Jeff is a personal friend and we are sorry to see him (and all those who moved on to pursue other interests) go. Shlonglor is still doing some great work on the site, and we made sure that the .scm of the week went up as planned.

ScottC7 Any hints as to what the two unannounced products might be?
BillRoper I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you... ;)

ScottC7 What enhancements can we expect in War2 Platinum?
BillRoper We will be updating Warcraft II and IIx to Windows 95/NT with DirectX support. We will also have support, ladders, tournaments, setting game speed before the game starts, and so forth. We want to keep the game playable for many years to come.

If you'd like to see more of the chat click here. The rest of the info is Diablo II related. [news source - BLW and Captain Smack]

Diablo II NPC Pics
Blizz updated the Diablo II page with the NPC's from Act I. Chars include Akara, Rogue Priestess, Charsi, Rogue Blacksmith, Gheed, Caravan Trader, Kashya, Rogue Captain, Warriv, Caravan Leader and a Rogue Mercenary. Go check em out here.

More Hidden SC Pics
Updated the Hidden Pics page. Lots of units, buildings, and info here. Check it out.

Starcraft News for July 24th

Sound Utility for Map Makers
Overpeon at SC Map Central has released the beta version for his Starcraft Game Sound Inserter. This utility program will let u insert existing SC sounds into your .scms without increasing the size. Get the download and more info at SCM Central. Check out their map section too.

Download Nova Station Nova Station
SCM of the Week
It's out and ready for download. Here's some info on it: "Long known for their clandestine operations, the Confederate's enigmatic Nova Squadron was created not only to gather intelligence on the various "Pirate Militias" that threatened Confederate security, but also to keep tabs on the various operative branches within the Confederate Armed Forces. Once the Confederacy was dissolved, Nova Squadron was forced to go into hiding." Whoever can maintain control of Nova's old headquarters gets the spoils :) 128x128 Space Platform. Designed for 2-4 Players. Use Map Settings for allied play.

Who in the hell are the UED?
Are they Arcturus' new group? Is it the United Earth Defense? (that was my guess) Is it the Medical Corps? (there is that banner on the page) Raynor's group? Another Sons of Korhal? Well Blizz comes thru to show us the light!

You are also wrong, actually. The UED is the United Earth Directorate. Their relationship with Arcturus is....
It probably just better to wait for Brood War :)
Blizzard Online Technical Support

Ok it's only a candle not a 150 watt bulb but u know Blizz :) Read the entire thread here.

Does $20,000 in cash and SC interest you??
Starcraft will be the exclusive strategy game for season three of the PGL $20,000 in cash up for grabs as well as $15,000 in prizes. Blizz better have those servers working like a dream because StarCraft qualification and regular season matches will take place on Blizzard's popular Can't u hear the screaming if records get lost then??? Get more info here. Servers finally fixed?
While on today i saw that little msg. You know the one.." going down....short time.... software upgrade... Down time will be minimum." I thought great, AGAIN??? But here's a post in the forums on it so maybe it'll be the last time for a while. Lets hope so.

The update today should be the final nail in the coffin of the database corruption bug. All known causes of the corruption have now been fixed, so every account which is now valid should stay that way. Those which were corrupt before will need to be re-created. As always, don't hesitate to report any anomalies to us here or to

Apologies for all the trauma these problems have caused you, and thanks for hanging in there while we fixed things. ;-) - ScottC (Blizzard)

New Campaign out
Here's the email on it. "StarCraft: Fringewars is now available at Fringewars is a complete 10 mission campaign, with over 100 original sounds/voices and an original storyline. This is simply the best campaign available outside of Blizzard. Any questions, contact Peter Gage at or go to the link above." [news source - scLegacy]

Win95/98 Startup & Wallpaper V2
C3x over at Terran Scum Database has created some new wallpaper and start up screens for you. This latest version will work with Win 98. Grab them here Don't forget to check his site out and submit your scums.

Ladder Accounts Restored
Looks like Blizz has fixed the prob for now. Here's a post Scott M made in the Tech Support furums on it.

Some records have been corrupted recently due to a database problem. We have fixed the problem and restored the top 1000 players from a backup. If you are in the top 1000 and still can't log on, please go to the Blizzard Tech Support channel Friday between 4PM and 6 PM PDT.

Blizzard Online Technical Support

Stasis Field Madness!
Blizz has the coolest screens! If ya'll haven't checked out Blizz's strat section give it a look some time.

The end-all post on the subject of cheating
There is a very good and informative post by The Chanman on the "loopholes and subject of cheating". This is probably the first intelligent post on this subject and would be a good read for everyone. Check it out here. [news source - SS]

The Writing is on the Wall
Former Blizz employee and current Vice President of Redline Studios, Ron Millar, made this post concerning the recent departure of Blizz employees. He says major changes need to be made at Blizz and that if they aren't predicts Blizz will be over in a year. Hmmm Read the post here.
[news source sc org and planet quake]
A Related article - In one of my news letters I saw an article on Cendant (parent company to Blizz) and in light of this post I've decided to post it. In this article Cendant chairman, Walter Forbes, says that despite a 'stock meltdown' Cendant is 'Fine'. Read the article here.

New Sound Editor
There is a beta version of a new sound editor out here but i can never get the page to load. Maybe ya'll will have better luck.

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